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action and versatility

Simplicity's 2012 puts the accent on power and quick-change versatility. SIMPLICITY'S less than-a-minute hitching saves you time, temper and trouble with one of the widest ranges of attachments, built and engineered by the manufacturer, on the market. You'll become a quick-change artist . . but the artist is really the new 2012 tractor and the engineers who designed it to handle more than 20 yard chores. Here are just a few of the other attachments which lead to leisure living.

Vacuum Collector (Mfg. No. 328)
Half-ton Dump Cart (Mfg. No. 085)
42" Snow Plow and Dozer Blade (Mfg. No. 179)
10" Plow (Mfg. No. 204)
36" Lawn Roller (Mfg. No. 227)
5 Gang Mower (Mfg. No. 275)
3 Gang Mower (Mfg. No. 273)
46" Snow Plow and Dozer Blade (Mfg. No. 356)
Summer-Winter Cab (Original Tractor Cab Co.)
Jenkins Sweeper (Jenkins Equipment Co.)
Gill Spiker (Gill Mfg. Co.)
Front Mounted Reel Mower (Montgomery Machine Co.)
Gannon Earthcavator (Gannon Mfg. Co. Inc.)
Coulter Toter Trailer (Coulter Equipment Co.)
Snowco Utility Trailer (The Snow Co.)
Kensico Aerator (Kensico Mfg. Co.)
Greenlawn Aerator (Greenlawn Aerators Inc.)
Mackissic Mounted Sprayer (A. E. Mackissic Co.)
Mott Hammer Knife Mower (Mott Corp.)
E-Z Rake Front Mounted Thatcher (E Z Rake Inc.)
Ley Poultryhouse Twin Blade Pit Scraper (Ley Equip. Co.)
York Rake (York Modern Corp.)
BVI Thermo-Fogger (Burgess Vibrocrafters Inc.)
Schneider Seeder Fertilizer Spreader (Schneider Metal Mfg. Co.)
Viking Roller Blader (Viking Mfg. Co.)
Lambert Lawn Sweeper (Lambert Inc.)

[Source: Sales brochure, Simplicity Action '67, The New Landlord 2012, courtesy of Chris Geise]



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