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Browse this brochure of Allied Attachments approved for use on 1977 Simplicity tractors...

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The attachments shown may be mounted on the equipment listed without voiding the Simplicity warranty. Simplicity does not in any way guarantee their quality, performance or safety.


Models For Which Approved

Pow'r Max
7010 & 7012
6010 & 6011
Broadmoor II
4108 & 4111
A-Frame Adapter t          
Aerator-Rollers t t t t t t
Backhoe t          
Bucket, Front   t t t    
Bucket, Rear t t t t    
Cabs t t t t    
Chipper-Shredder   t t t    
Disk Harrow t          
Flail Mowers t          
Grinder-Shredder   t  t t    
Lift Boom t          
Lifting Forks t          
Rakes, Trailing t t  t  t t  
Roller-Aerators t  t  t  t t t
Rollover Bars t          
Rotary Mowers, Trailing t          
Rotary Sweepers t t  t t    
Shredder   t  t t    
Shredder-Chipper   t t t    
Shredder-Grinder   t t t    
Sprayers t t t t t t
Spreaders t t t t t t
Tool Bar t           
Trencher t          
Vacuum Sweeper t          

Other Simplicity attachments and accessories include: Rotary and Sickle Bar Mowers; Snow Plow/Dozer Blades; Dump Carts; Grader Blades; Loaders; Plows; Tillers; Cultivators; Harrows; Snow Throwers; Cabs; PTOs; Vacuum Collectors; Grass Catchers; Tire Chains; Towing Hitches; Weights; etc. They are illustrated in the Simplicity Full Line Brochure . . . ask your dealer for a complimentary copy.

A Dealer You Can Depend On

There’s more to grounds care than just mowing, and your professional Simplicity dealer knows it. That’s why he carries a wide range of matched working attachments manufactured by Simplicity and other fine companies, all designed to extend the year ‘round versatility of your Simplicity lawn and garden tractors.

After you’ve reviewed this brochure, talk over your specific requirements with your dependable Simplicity dealer. Whether it is gardening, landscaping, snow clearing, light construction or any one of the myriad grounds maintenance chores you’d like your tractor to handle, you’ll find your dealer has the answers.

And that’s just one of the reasons why so many people say . . . When you want dependability, look for Simplicity

[Source: Simplicity brochure, Allied Working Attachments For Regent, Broadmoor II, Landlord, Baron, Sovereign, and Pow'rMax Tractors, LIT-761201-15(B), courtesy of Carl Harcourt]




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