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Grader Blade

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Cutting Width Attaches to

42 -- Mfg. No. 1690038

All 7100 Series Garden Tractors
Attaches beneath tractor for better view of work area.
Ideal for grading drives, landscaping.
Angles 20 left or right.
1/2 thick, double-edged (reversible) blade.
Foot stirrups for added down pressure.

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Width Attaches to
36 -- Mfg. No. 1690547 All 4200 Series, 5116 Lawn Tractors, all 7100 Series Garden Tractors
42 -- Mfg. No. 1690548 All 6200 Series & all 7100 Series Garden Tractors
Adjustable for smooth or gravel surface.
Efficient single-stage action.
Rugged solid auger design resists damage from rocks and ice.
Quick-hitch mounting.
Belt drive eliminates shear pin, protects components.
Freeze-resistant cable and drum spout rotator; 230 rotation puts snow where you want it.
Dump Carts

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Size Attaches to
4 cu. ft (Shown) -- Mfg. No. 1690766 All Tractors and Rear Engine  Riders
7 cu. ft -- Mfg. 1600236 All Tractors and Rear Engine Riders
Dumps clean without unhitching.
7 cu. ft. has unique flip-over emptying.
4 cu. ft. unlatches to dump.
Heavy gauge, all-steel bodies
   7 Cu. ft. 1,000 lb. capacity
   4 CU. ft. 400 lb. capacity
   7 CU. ft. 4.80x4.00-8 pneumatic
   4 CU. ft. 2.75x10 semi-pneumatic

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Attaches to All Tractors
Mfg. No. 1690471, 730, 496
Protects operator from blowing wind and snow.
Constructed of heavy nylon reinforced vinyl over a tubular steel frame.
Fiberglass top
Latched doors
Removable for off-season tractor use.
Power Bucket

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Size Attaches to
1.9 Cu. ft. -- Mfg. No. 1690767 All 7100 Series Garden Tractors
Transports heavy objects.
Removes snow, dirt, debris.
Grades, landscapes.
Holds up to 225 lbs.
Alternator - Mobile Electrical Power Plant

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Size Attaches to
5000 Watt -- Mfg. No. 1690558 All 7100 Series Garden Tractors
Supplies 115 volt alternating current in remote areas.
Supplies power for tools, or emergency power
PTO driven Includes all necessary mounting hardware.

[Source: Simplicity Attachments Catalog, 820713-10 AD-147]




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