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Two-cylinder, air-cooled diesel engine features low maintenance, rugged design.

Diesel Power... the choice of professionals who stake their livelihood on their equipment. Those who care about low operating- costs, long equipment life, select diesel.

790cc 18.5 HP engine provides enough muscle for heavy-duty chores, on large lawns and gardens or commercial use.

Dependable, engine parts and service through a nationwide network of trained engine distributors (Briggs & Stratton Lombardini Inc.) means less down time for maintenance.

Automatic Transmission is a pleasure to drive. Smooth forward, reverse travel controlled with one lever. Change speeds or direction without clutching or shifting.

Performance proven attachments all proven to do a professional job... snowthrowers, mowers, grader dozer blades, vacuum system, tillers, and more. Front, mid and
rear attachments can be changed quickly with the Simplicity Quick-Hitch® design.

Exclusive Controlled-Traction Differential. Maximum traction in mud, snow, ice, or sand.

Vibration free, comfortable ride from isolated engine mounts and 2-way adjustable spring suspension seat. Spend long work days in comfort.

Heavy-duty 12 volt battery combines with thermal start (pre-heater) to give dependable starts in cold weather. Battery features 500 cold cranking rating with 137 minute reserve capacity.

Cast iron transaxle. Designed and built by Simplicity. Power matched to engine and drive train to yield maximum power and long life.

Solid steel pivoting front axle with two-point support. Designed to take the heavy loads of dozing, plowing, snowthrowing and grading.

Big garden tractor stance. 37" width and 51" wheel base maximizes stability.

Flip-up metal hood and seat platform. Easy inspection and maintenance.

Extra-heavy 7 and 10-guage steel boxed frame. Superior strength over open-rail frames.

[Source:  Sales Brochure, courtesy of Chris Geise.]




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