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7. Front-End Loader.
Complete hydraulic operation makes it easy to use. Year round versatility makes it ideal for industrial plants, farms, nurseries, estates, wherever you need big loading capacity. Eight cubic foot bucket lifts 400 lbs. with break-out force of 600 lbs.

Effective bucket width: 42½"
Bucket capacity: 8 cubic feet.
Unit construction: Formed steel box.
Hydraulic system: 1000 PSI.
Break-away: 600 pounds.
Lift capacity: 400 pounds.
Overall maximum height raised: 113"
Reach from axle to bracket hinge pin: 28"
Digging depth: 4"
Maximum dumping angle: 47°
Bucket rollback: 5°
Reach, bracket on ground: 50"
Clearance, bucket dumped: 69"
Reach at maximum height, dumped: 18¾”
Height to bucket hinge pin: 89½"
Controls: Hydraulic
Weight (approximate): 600 pounds.

8. Airplane Towing Hitch.
Teams with hardworking 19.5 hp tractor to tow light twins, biz jets — any aircraft up to 25,000 lbs. Trailers and boats, too. Lets you use mid-mounted mower after hitch has been installed.
Clevis opening—2" Clevis
Height after installation is 12"

9. 60" Snow Plow/Dozer Blade.
The same blade that moves earth and other loose material for you in the spring and summer, clears snow all winter. Works at high tractor speed. And you control right or left angle from the tractor seat. Special skids support blade to skim snow from

Effective width: 60"
Blade mounting: Spring break away.
Angle position: 0° 15° and 30° left or right.
Wear Plate: Reversible and replaceable.
Lift means: Tractor front hydraulic control.
Hitching means: Blade attaches with 2 pins to frame mounted hitch.
Weight (approximate): 225 pounds with hitch and cylinder.

10. 60” Grader Blade.
Rear mounted grader blade is reversible for back filling. Angles both right and left. Your best bet for leveling gravel or soil. For landscaping. Can be used with front-end loader or snow thrower to work for you all year round.

Effective width: 60"
Angle position: 0° 15° and 30° left or right.
Wear Plate: Reversible and replaceable.
Lift means: Hydraulic through 3 point hitch.
Hitching means: 3 point hitch.
Weight (approximate): 120 pounds.

11. 52” Rotary Snow Thrower.
Solid flight-welded auger with no pins to shear, no pins to replace. Yet drive is protected. High auger speed clears deep snow, wet snow, ice and hard
packed snow. Chute rotates 2600 with electric control. Extra large discharge chute reduces possibility of clogging. All operating controls are right at the drivers seat.

Effective Width: 52"
Overall Length Including Tractor: 9' 6"
Overall Width: 55” Including skid shoes.
Auger Diameter: 14"
Auger Housing Opening Height: 24½”
Scraped Bar to Ground Clearance Fully
Raised: 10"
Chute Diameter: 9½"
Chute Rotation Angle: 260°
Spout Rotation Control: Toggle switch on tractor dash.
Auger Drive Control: Toggle switch on tractor dash.
Raise and Lower Control: Tractor power lift control.
Type: Single stage.
Power Source: Tractor front PTO.
Clutch: Tractor front PTO electromagnetically controlled friction.
Vertical Drive: Cushioning single plane V-Belt to jack shaft.
Forward Drive: Needle bearing universal joint splined drive shaft to bevel gear housing.
Cross Drive: Disc type universal joint drive shaft.
Final Drive: Roller chain with hardened sprockets.
Chute Rotation: Geared reversible electric motor.
Chute Mounting: Guiding ball bearing rollers.
Front Support: Adjustable large area hardened skid shoes.
Rear Mounting: Hitch bolted to tractor frame. Thrower attaches to hitch with pins and spring clips.
Scraper Bar: Full width high carbon steel.
Frame and Auger Housing: Welded steel assembly.
Auger: Solid flite welded steel.
Auger Bearings: Self aligning sealed ball bearings with grease fittings.
Weight (approximate): 340 pounds.

[Source:  Simplicity brochure, The Simplicity System 9020, Form 41007, courtesy of Paul Kjorlie]



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