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Briggs & Stratton, model No. 171702, 7 hp, 4 cycle engine with 16.79 cu. in· displacement, with Easy-Spin starting system . . . vertical crank shaft locates driving mechanism in protected area, which shields moving parts for safety, permits tractor design with low center of gravity . . . synchro-balanced engine reduces vibration 80% by means of counterweights being oscillated through an eccentric motion to counteract piston acceleration forces . . .  adjustable, mechanical governor assures fast response to changing load, gives speed control from 1,300 rpm up to 4,000 rpm . . . oil foam air cleaner with reusable element is easy to maintain . . . large recoil starter with rotating screen excludes dirt from engine cooling fins, allowing engine to run cool and adding to engine life . . . low back pressure muffler quiets engine noise and is positioned to direct fumes away from operator . . .  magneto ignition and Easy-Spin starter results in hot spark for easy, fast starting under all conditions . . . 2-stage voltage regulator gives fast charge to maintain battery capacity, even when using lights . . . electric starter and generator system has large 40 ampere hour automotive battery and, unlike most competitive units using a 24 ampere battery, the 40 ampere battery assures fast starting even in extremely cold conditions  . . . engine oil capacity 2-1/4 pts assures sufficient lubrication and keeps engine running cool. Deluxe foam padded bucket seat . . . convenient controls, safely positioned . . .  Clutch-brake combination  . . . all gear transmission . . . two speeds forward and one reverse . . . (4 speeds forward 2 reverse with optional speed kit) · . . electrically welded steel frame of heavy tubular steel . . . pneumatic stud-tread standard 5.30 x 6 tires in front; extra-wide, low pressure Terra Tires, 9.50 x 8L.P., rear.

BROADMOOR ACCESSORIES: Tire chains, Electric starter, Low speed pulley kit. Electric lights·

Simplicity Broadmoor offers long line of labor savers for more leisure living

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This all steel multi-purpose blade really puts heavy snow in its place -- off sidewalks and driveways. One sweep and a 42" path of snow is out of the way. Blade angle easily adjusts right, left or straight ahead. Attaches quickly without tools, with two pins and lift rod. Blade attaches to front axle, and has adjustable shoes, allowing clean scrape on level or uneven surfaces. Tire chains and rear weights recommended.

40" WEED CUTTER (No. 448) 
You really mow 'em down with this 4-blade cutter that shears weeds and small brush. Attaches quickly without tools, with just two pins and a lift cable. Cutting height 4˝'' to 9". Engages with special clutch lever from driver's position on seat for added safety. Belt-driven, allowing belt to take up shock and avoiding damage to assembly. Special front shield moves cut materials into windrow position.

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This special 15' hose couples to the blower assembly of the vacuum collector, and hungrily collects leaves and trash under bushes, hedges and areas not accessible with the mower and vacuum collector combination. Mounting bracket on the collector wagon is provided for convenient transporting of the roving nozzle attachment.

[Source: Brochure, IMPROVE YOUR LOT IN LIFE .....WITH SIMPLICITY, Form 868, 1969, courtesy of William Harm]



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