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Simplicity Landlord (No. 433) has 10 hp Briggs & Stratton engine for power to spare, has electric starter generator. The Landlord is shown with the 42" Rotary Mower (No. 407) which has the famous Simplicity patented "free-floating" feature that avoids scalping.

Landlord 2110

. . . the "take over" tractor

NEED outside help for your lawn and garden chores? This new Landlord can be the answer. Hook on in minutes to any of its 20-plus various attachments, hop on its deluxe thick-padded seat, and any job is sheer simplicity.

Need to mow up to two acres an hour? The Landlord lets you. So will some other makes of lawn mowers, but not with the smooth anti-scalp mowing feature on which Simplicity holds a patent. A Simplicity mower is mounted on the front tilting axle. . . not on the tractor frame as on most tractors.  When the front tires roll over uneven terrain, the front wheels act as a guide for the mower, allowing it to rise and fall, and tilt from side to side. In addition, rear mower rollers extend across the full width of the mower, and anti-scalp rollers are located under the mower to complete the patented anti-scalp feature. It's that simple . .  but the result is scalp-free mowing.

Like its big brother, the Sovereign 3012, the Landlord gets you through yard chores with leisure-time to spare. Its powerful 10 hp Briggs & Stratton engine keeps you going whether you're mowing a lawn, cultivating a garden, or clearing away a heavy snowfall.  This jack of all jobs is built for the long haul, too, with an electrically welded heavy-gauge steel frame and sound engineering. You move out at a 6.1 mph clip, but even wide open you won't exceed a safe speed. You do it quietly, too -- its muffler stifles engine noise without stealing horsepower. 

Handy extras take the strain out of yard work. With the hydraulic help of "hydrolift", even your wife can raise front, center or rear-mounted attachments quickly and easily with a minimum of effort. A simple push of the Hydrolift lever and hydraulic power does the work.  The Landlord's optional high-low range speed kit gives you up to 6 speeds forward and two reverse. This special pulley lets you shift from drive to reduced drive, cutting ground speed approximately one-third of initial pace, without affecting attachment efficiency. Shifts easily by lever at front of seat. 

Starting the Landlord is as easy as starting the family car. Just hop on, and away you go . . . with your lawn worries being cut down in the process.  Why not enjoy your yard work rather than begrudge it? The Landlord lets you. This year . . . right now . . . put more leisure in your life, with a Landlord.

 [Source: Brochure, IMPROVE YOUR LOT IN LIFE .....WITH SIMPLICITY, Form 868, 1969, courtesy of William Harm]



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