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8", 10" MOLDBOARD PLOWS. (8" No. 024; 10" No. 025).
Do clean, smooth plowing job behind the Model W tractor. Swivel rolling coulter cuts trash, turns it under and leaves a clean furrow. Depth can be changed while in motion. (Use 046 wheel weights and 044 weights.)

Simplicity  Model "W"

. . .  a 2-wheel tractor that thrives on hard work

HERE'S a tractor just looking for a challenge. The "W" designated for this model was originally intended to identify it as a 2-wheel tractor, but satisfied owners prefer to think the "W" stands for work power! Get behind this Model W and you'll know why. It takes on any kind of big, tough job- mowing, plowing, cultivating, dozing dirt, sickling, clearing snow, tilling.

For any of these jobs, the Model W has an attachment that mounts in less than a minute, thanks to Simplicity's patented "quick-hitching".  Eight husky horses are ready to go to work for you.  The Model W shifts smoothly into three forward speeds (1 to 3 to 5 mph) and one reverse (2.7). It packs brute power that never balks, while you merely walk behind it. Its all steel gears are precision cut, carburized and hardened to take the bruising punishment of hard work . . . and its electrically welded all-steel body takes the jolts and pounding easily in stride. Chevron tread 6.00 x 12 tires grip like tiger paws, and feature extra-wide base for maximum flotation and pulling power. 

This Model W is a brawny helper that knows no seasons-it's ready to help you with a big job all year 'round. It's an eager power-partner on suburban lots, truck farms, estates, service stations, nurseries . . . wherever big-tractor power and performance with garden tractor economy is needed.

w_tiller.jpg (66063 bytes)

The Model W's 32" Rotary Tiller (No. 191) kneads the soil with a gentle, spading action, leaving it perfect for planting.  There's no clogging . . . no engine stall in rough going . . . no compaction of sub-soil drainage area.  The Rotary Tiller lets you do a superb job while making it easy.

w_rotary.jpg (43913 bytes)

SIMPLICITY MODEL W and 32" Rotary Mower (No. 265) give big lawns that beautifully groomed Country Club look. Covers a big area in a hurry, leaving you more time for leisure or just relaxing in the shade. Attaches to tractor in less than a minute with patented Quick-Hitch.* Single lever screw permits fast cutting height adjustments from 1-1/2" to 3". Leaf Mulcher (No. 173) is available as optional attachment.

w_sicklebar.jpg (45623 bytes)

Attach the 30" Sickle-Bar (No. 193) to the Model W -- it only takes a minute -- and walk right through big cutting jobs like this. This unit lays Iow towards 4-5 acres per day, and cuts close to fences and trees. It has a separate clutch control for easy handling and maximum safety.


ENGINE: 8 hp Briggs & Stratton, 4 cycle, single cylinder, air-cooled, cast-iron, heavy-duty . . . Easy-Spin starter, with micromatic ignition . . . mechanical governor . . . oil foam air cleaner. 

UNIT: 3 speeds forward, I reverse, all gear transmission features precision roller bearings, sliding gear construction of alloy steel, carburized and hardened for long life . . . heavy steel frame with rugged cross bracing . . . spur gear differential, precision-cut, carburized and hardened with built-in controllable traction . . . heavy, reinforced tubular handles, adjustable for height . . . 6.00 x 12, super sure grip, Chevron tread tires, with wide base for maximum flotation and pulling power . . . adjustable tread width from 20" to 25" depending on wheel mounting . . . soft action clutch with spring loaded idlers . . . ground clearance 10" at rear axle.

[Source: Brochure, IMPROVE YOUR LOT IN LIFE .....WITH SIMPLICITY, Form 868, 1969, courtesy of William Harm]



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