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SIMPLICITY SOVEREIGN (No. 434) above has 12 hp Briggs & Stratton engine with synchronized balancers, electric starter-generator, and Variable Speed Drive. Shown with 48" Rotary Mower (No. 414), which has the only "free floating" feature that really avoids scalping . . . it's patented.  Optional Hydrolift lets you hydraulically lift mower or  other attachments with push-button ease. 


Sovereign 3012

. . . compact tractor with new power multiplying variable speed drive 

SOVEREIGN . . ."above all others, supreme in power", is how the term is defined. This definition also best tells you in a few words about the newest Simplicity, top-of-the-line tractor.  Simplicity designers added "3012" to the Sovereign's title for an equally good reason. The "30" stands for 30-plus attachments and accessories engineered and manufactured by Simplicity to become power partners to the Sovereign. This engineering approach of offering the broadest line of company made attachments makes Simplicity unique -- and a leader in the compact tractor field. The "12" indicates its horsepower rating, fully realized with the 30.16 cubic inch displacement engine under the hood. The Sovereign features the new Briggs & Stratton "synchro-balanced" engine, built to Simplicity specifications. It reduces engine vibration 60% vertically and 85% horizontally. Because nothing shakes a man more on a tractor than engine vibration, we've found the solution to the problem. 

You have full power at your fingertips, with a new drive that doesn't steal horsepower, but multiplies it. The new Power Multiplying Variable Speed Drive is the latest in economical, efficient drives. By simply changing the position of the Variable Speed control lever, you can make instant ground speed changes -- in forward or reverse--white the engine and attachments remain at peak efficiency and speed.  This same drive principle is used effectively on thousands of large self-propelled combines on farms around the world, which gives you an idea of the practicality and dependability of this all-new drive. Your Simplicity dealer can best show you the convenience of this new drive through a demonstration. Stop in and prove it yourself. With the Sovereign's full line of attachments, no mission's impossible in the lawn and garden class . . . it mows over 2 acres an hour . . . clears snow like a blizzard in reverse . . . and muscles through a heap of other chores with accessories you can change as quickly as your mind.  We invite you to compare the time required to change Simplicity attachments with that required to change implements on any other make of tractor.

So, if you're in the market for a tractor that's as long on horsepower as it is on versatility . . . climb on.  Make simplicity out of any job with Simplicity.

[Source: Brochure, IMPROVE YOUR LOT IN LIFE .....WITH SIMPLICITY, Form 868, 1969, courtesy of William Harm]



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