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This combination roller and lawn aerator is designed to substantially improve the efficiency of fertilizing and seeding; aid the control of water run-off and soil moisture retention. Not recommended when soil is extremely wet or dry. Available as coring or slicing type.

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Comes complete with 22 gallon polyethylene tank, piston pump, 25 ft. pressure hose and hand spray gun. Spray boom, 4 nozzles for lawn spraying, pressure gauge and pulsation dampener optional. Towable, self-powered model available.


Spread grass seed, fertilizer or ice melters in a controlled pattern up to 20 feet wide. Two models with 1.2 bushel capacity, all stainless steel working parts: on one spread width controlled by mechanical variable speed drive; other controlled by tractor speed.

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Lift Boom

This sturdy, easily attached unit makes it practical to lift and transport bulky objects with your Simplicity. Included are lift boom, hook and attaching parts for mounting on 3-point hitch. Lift range is adjustable.

Rollover Bars

Extra protection for the operator. Includes four post roll bar, sunshade roof, seat belt and anti-surge fuel cap. Meets OSHA requirements and is approved and registered by California and New York State. Available as cab model too.

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[Source: Simplicity brochure, Allied Working Attachments For Regent, Broadmoor II, Landlord, Baron, Sovereign, and Pow'rMax Tractors, LIT-761201-15(B), courtesy of Carl Harcourt]



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