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  PLUS these expertly designed attachments  .  .  . 

sickle_bar_pg4.jpg (14619 bytes) 46" SICKLE BAR (Mfr. No. 990210)
Will cut 1.2 acres per hour in high speed at half throttle. This attachment has many features found only on more expensive mowers. Side mounted between front and rear wheels. Extremely rugged and requiring only a minimum of maintenance, the unit makes short work of heavy growth even over rough terrain and steep slopes. A unique mounting arrangement allows attachment in minutes, keeps vibration to a minimum, mows from near vertical position to 40 degrees below horizontal. A spring mechanism protects knives from obstructions, recouples without operator dismounting. Shipping weight 122 lbs.
42_deck_pg4.jpg (12487 bytes) 42" ROTARY MOWER (Mfr. No. 990190)
Will cut 2 acres per hour. The 3 bladed 42" mower hustles through the biggest jobs, thanks to an extra deep housing and large discharge chute that handle amounts of cut material which would clog most mowers. Equipped with Simplicity's "free-floating" mowing feature; one adjustment quickly controls desired cutting height; won't "scalp." Cuts to within %" of any obstruction on either side. Shipping weight 138 'tbs.
36_deck_pg4.jpg (23854 bytes) 32" ROTARY MOWER (Mfr. No. 990207)
Cuts 13/8 acres per hour. The 700's 32" rotary mounts in less than a minute without tools--and incorporates the patented Simplicity "freefloating" mower feature which means smooth "no scalp" mowing despite uneven ground. Cutting height adjusts quickly. Shipping weight: 100 lbs.
tiller_pg4jpg.jpg (21043 bytes) 32" ROTARY TILLER (Mfr. No. 990174)
This sturdy tiller works as an efficient sod-buster, prepares ideal seed beds without pulverizing or breaking down soil structure. Strong, nonclogging, self-sharpening tines guaranteed against breakage. Precision, anti-friction used throughout. "Easy lift" lever raises the unit when desired. Attaches easily. Set of extension tines increase tillage width to 42". Shipping weight: 130 lbs.
plow_pg4.jpg (18089 bytes) 10" PLOW (Mfr. NO. 990204)
Husky power and ease of handling combine to cut plowing time and labor. Newly-strengthened moldboard plow has rolling coulter .to cut trash and leave a clean furrow and an efficient depth regulator for precise furrow control. Shipping weight: 76 lbs.

[Source: Simplicity Lawn and Garden Power Equipment catalog, 1959, courtesy of Wally Koerbel] 




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