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The "700" . . . a fine addition to your outdoor power equipment

Never before have so many work-lightening features been combined in one lawn and garden riding tractor. Thanks to advanced engineering typical of Simplicity, this is tomorrow's tractor today! Just one pass through the field or across the lawn tells you you're on the seat of something special.

Check these Simplicity features and you'll begin to see why you will insist your next riding tractor has got to be the "700"

accessible_pg6.jpg (30445 bytes) ACCESSIBLE WORKING PARTS
Flip-top seat and hinged hood provide full, instant access to the motor, transmission, differential and drive mechanisms.

The "700" engine is mounted to blow; engine heat blows forward, away from the operator. The wide seat is amply padded with foam rubber. Fenders act as side support; add to driver comfort.
efficient_pg6.jpg (29616 bytes) EFFICIENT POWER FLOW
Power is delivered efficiently to all power take off points and the wheels. The snow blower is driven from the main p.t.o, at the front of the engine. Power for the rotary mower and all pull-behind attachments is taken from the spiral bevel transmission, connected directly to the flywheel end of the engine by a shaft and flexible couplings. 
speeds_pg6.jpg (25756 bytes) THREE SPEEDS

The "700" has a top speed of 6 mph, second speed of 3-3/4 mph and third speed of 2 mph. In addition, a special pulley for heavy-duty tilling allows the tractor to move at approximately 1 mph. The oil-lubricated transmission features anti-friction ball and roller bearings on hardened shafts for smooth operation and long life.
spur-gear_pg6.jpg (20742 bytes) NEW SPUR-GEAR DIFFERENTIAL

A special friction mechanism in the "700" differential always provides driving torque to both wheels in drive at all times, yet retains true differential action. The controlled traction feature provides traction even when one wheel is on a slippery surface.
Optional at slight extra cost, the heavy-duty electric starter and generator give fast, effortless starts at the touch of a button. The unit is equipped with key ignition for added safety and protection. Shipping weight: 59 lbs.

Kits with two 12-volt sealed beam lights are available. Shipping weight: 5 lbs.
A specially*designed lever is standard equipment on the "700" for lifting front or rear- mounted implements. The high leverage ratio means that little physical effort is required to  raise the heavy attachments.

[Source: Simplicity Lawn and Garden Power Equipment catalog, 1959, courtesy of Wally Koerbel] 




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