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Everything about the rugged Model W spells day-in, day-out go-power on the toughest home, garden or farm jobs.   This tractor's big 7-1/4 hp engine with "Easy-Spin" starting provides all the power you'll ever need. Its heavy steel frame, carburized and hardened gears, heavy duty transmission and precision bearings are just a few of the many important reasons you can depend on the Model W to do the BIG jobs . . . do them right, without trouble ... season after season.  But just as important are the ease and speed with which you master this tractor's great strength and workability.  Finger-tip controls on the handle, even-keel stability and simple gear shift for quick selection of 3 forward or reverse speeds put you in complete command and keep you there. In addition, all attachments for the Model W are easily mounted without tools. Stores quickly, too, with sturdy kick stand.


ENGINE: 71/4 hp, 4-cycle, single cylinder, air-cooled, cast iron, heavy duty Briggs & Stratton featuring "Easy-Spin" starting. Micro-matic ignition, mechanical governor, and oil bath air cleaner.
SPEEDS: 3 forward, 1 reverse. Range from 1/3 mph to 5.2 mph forward - 2.7 mph reverse.
TRANSMISSION: Mounted on precision roller bearings, with sliding gear construction of alloy steel, utilizes maximum power at all engine speeds. Alloy steel gears precision cut, carburized and hardened for long life. Supported on hardened and ground shafts. Oil lubricated. Gear case made of cast iron to give rigid support to gear train.
FRAME: Heavy steel frame with rugged cross braces. "Hi-Tensile" electrically-welded high carbon steel.
DIFFERENTIAL: Spur gear, precision cut, carburized and hardened with built-in controllable traction.
HANDLES: Heavy, reinforced tubular, adjustable for height. Comfortable white plastic grips. All controls designed for convenience and ease of operation.
TIRES: 6.00 x 12, super-sure grip, chevron tread, wide base tractor tires for maximum floatation and pulling power.
TREAD WIDTH: 20" to 25" normal and reverse.
CLUTCHES: Soft action, with spring-loaded idlers.
GROUND CLEARANCE: 10-1/2" at rear axle.

Source: 1962 Simplicity Lawn and Garden  Power Equipment product catalog, courtesy of John Boesch (loan of original)  and Steve Johnson (color photocopy)



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