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Wonder-Boy 600 6HP (with 32" Rotary Mower)
(Mfr. No. for Model 600 - 990230)

Here's a pair that


It's hard to guess what will impress you most about the Wonder-Boy 600 or 400.  This pair has so much to offer. Perhaps it's the clean trim design ... dependable Briggs & Stratton engines with "Easy-Spin" starting ... soft padded seats and handy, responsive controls ... or the wide line of quick change attachments.   If it's topflight performance you want, it's yours with both Wonder-Boy models. Patented Full-Flex mower action prevents scalping on hills or terraces. Five-mph speeds lets you mow 1-3/8 acres per hour. You'll turn on a 2-ft. radius ... trim within 5/8 in. of walls, fences and trees ... mow up, down or along 40% slopes in perfect safety. And you'll do all these things easily with Simplicity's high ratio steering and tip-toe clutch.  With all their big advantages, there's no question Wonder-Boy leads the field in performance and popularity. For large estates, institutions and suburban homes, the 600 with 32-in. rotary mower is ideal. For smaller estates, city and town houses, you'll find the 400 with 24" rotary mower a wise choice.

Patented front axle mounting design allows mower to follow ground contour eliminate scalping.

Dependable Briggs & Stratton engines with fast action, "Easy-Spin" starting.

Plenty of power to operate every attachment; no tools needed to mount or remove units.

Newly designed steering wheel for easy operation, high steering ratio.

3 adjustment heights on steering wheel.

Easy access for routine maintenance.

Location of rotary mower behind front wheels for greater protection.

Mow 1 to 1-3/8 acres per hour; mow up, down or along 40% slopes.

Excellent visibility front, side, rear.

Turn on a 2 ft. radius ... trim up to 5/8 in. of obstacles.

Engine fumes and heat are behind you for greater safety.

Mow in comfort from 2 to 5 mph on a foam rubber seat.

Specially designed clutch pedal: Easily depressed for forward, quickly released for neutral.

All units manufactured to highest quality standards.

Source: 1962 Simplicity Lawn and Garden  Power Equipment product catalog, courtesy of John Boesch (loan of original)  and Steve Johnson (color photocopy)




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