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Rolling coulter to cut trash and leave a clean furrow. Precise furrow control easy with efficient depth regulator. (Four No. 046 wheel weights and 181 tire chains recommended for better traction over soil and heavy plowing. Requires No. 203 hitch adapter.) Model No. 204. Ship. Wt. 76 lbs.

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Perfect for grading, plowing snow, cleaning farm buildings or poultry runs. Angles right, left, or straight ahead. Controlled easily by lift lever and counterbalancing. (For better traction, four No. 046 wheel weighs, 182 Counterweight and 181 tire chains are recommended.) Model No. 179. Ship. Wt. 66 lbs.

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Three 22" ground-driven mowers zip through 23/4 acres per hour, cutting a swath five feet wide! Heavy-duty construction means long, service-free life under constant service. Model No. 273. Ship. Wt. 237 lbs.

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Get away from the searing stare of the sun when you're doing your summer lawn and garden tasks. Just 8 bolts attach tubular steel bracing to the frame, and unique Lift-O-Dot Snap Couplers secure the fabric in seconds. Lots of headroom, excellent visibility all around yet you are completely in the shade at all times. Unit clears all implements when mounted. Model No. 283

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1500 watts, 13 amp., 115 volts, 60 cycle with volt meter. Starts motors that normally require 2500 watt generators, delivers a 30 amp current for 20 secs., 20 amp starting current for 2 min. For driving electric lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, pruning equipment, power saws, stand-by power. Model No. 220. Ship. Wt. 60 lbs.

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(1) Front Counterweight. Recommended for use with heavy rear mounted attachments. Model No. 223. Ship. Wt. 45 lbs. (2) Hitch Adapter necessary for Moldboard Plow, Disc Harrow, or Cultivator. Model No. 203. Ship. Wt. 7 lb.. (3) Collar weight for Snow Thrower and Dozer Blade. Model No. 045. Ship. Wt. 25 lb.. (4) Rear Counterweight for Snow Thrower and Dozer Blade. Model No. 182. Ship. Wt. 25 lbs. (5) Wheel Weights. Model No. 046. Ship. Wt. 25 lbs, each.

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ELECTRIC LIGHT KIT: Two 12volt sealed beam lights. No.171. Ship. Wt. 5 lbs. ELECTRIC STARTER GENERATOR: Includes 12-volt battery. No.276. Ship. Wt. 59 lbs. DUAL WHEELS for extra traction and stability. No.213. Ship. Wt. 65 lbs. TIRE CHAINS: 6.00 x 12, pair. No. 181. Ship. Wt. 33 lbs. SPEED REDUCTION KIT: 10" Pulley and belt reduce normal speeds to increase power. Use for Snow Thrower in heavy snow, deep tilling. No.238. Ship. Wt. 4 lbs. HUB CAPS: Set of 4, Model No. 280.

[Source: 1963 Simplicity Lawn & Garden Catalog, courtesy of Ronald Miksa]




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