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. . . in the driver's seat of the Simplicity 725

You get more work done AND more time for fun - with a smart-looking Simplicity 725.   Put this dynamo in gear, open the throttle-and goodbye work, hello leisure!  The 725 whisks you through all your lawn and garden jobs in a hurr, cuts your lawn, rolls it, plows snow, maintains driveways, cultivates, hauls loads-helps you ALL YEAR LONG.

You're in the driver's seat as your work vanishes, and the 725 rides herd on tough jobs, helping you do them faster and better.  You finish refreshed, with plenty of time and energy for The Lively Life.  It's the perfect Power Partner for anyone who loves the outdoors

36" ROTARY SNOW THROWER -- Shrugs off shocks and frigid temperatures. Precision, antifriction bearings throughout. Revolving outlet duct adjusts to cast snow in any direction. Clearing snow over uneven surfaces is easy with adjustable skid shoes. Drift busters permit quick, easy penetration of snow banks. Model No. 175. (No. 182 rear counterweight, 045 collar weight for balance and easier lifting, and 181 tire chains recommended for greater traction. Pulley kit 238 reduces standard tractor speeds.) Ship. Wt. 120 lbs. 32" ROTARY TILLER -- Prepares ideal seed beds, without pulverizing soil structure. Strong, non-clogging, self-sharpening tines guaranteed against breakage. Precision anti-friction bearings throughout. "EASY-LIFT" lever raises unit when desired. Extension tines increase tillage width to 42". Model No. 174. (Recommended 223 front counterweight for balance and easy lifting. Pulley kit 238 reduces tractor speeds.) Ship. Wt. 130 lbs

[Source: 1963 Simplicity Lawn & Garden Catalog, courtesy of Ronald Miksa]



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