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Under normal load and mowing conditions, average speeds are 2 to 3 mph in low and 3 to 5 mph in high. Under the same conditions, and average carburetor adjustments, fuel consumption is 1-1/2 to 2 quarts per hour.

Turns easily to outside of a 1-1/4 ft. radius; completely inside a 4-1/2 ft. radius. With 32" rotary mower, cuts to outside of a 24" radius. With 59" gang mowers, cuts smoothly to outside of 1-1/2 ft. radius.
Operates safely, easily and comfortably on grades up to 40% ... straight up or down, quartering or along sides.
With 24" rotary lawn mower
- 1 acre per hr. at high speed.
- 5/8 acre per hr. at low speed.
With 32" rotary lawn mower
- 13/8 acres per hr. at high speed.
- 3/r acre per hr. at low speed.
With 30" reel mower
- 1-1/4 acres per hr. at high speed.
-- 3/4 acre per hr. at low speed.
With 30" reel and two gang companion mowers
-23/4 acres per hr. at high speed.
- 15/8 acres per hr. at low speed.
With 36" grader and snow blade
-- Clears path over 2,000 ft. long, 6 ft.wide, in 4" of snow in 1 hr. at high speed: 1,200 ft. at low speed. Angled swath 30".
With half-ton cart
Handles up to 1,000 lbs. of all types of material.

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For Models 600, 400, Use with 30" reel mower to cut giant 59" swath. Mowers are 21". ground driven, with cast-iron frame for rigid support. Five-blade reels are alloy steel. Precision tapered roller bearings support reel. Single pin attachment for Quick-Hitch. Model No. 123. Ship. Wt. 175 lbs

[Source: 1963 Simplicity Lawn & Garden Catalog, courtesy of Ronald Miksa]




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