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HERE'S ANOTHER POINT TO REMEMBER:  Many brands claim they can come close to Simplicity performance.  But there's always one little hitch -- and that's HITCHING!  Simplicity attachments not only outperform others, they're "ready to go" faster . . . takes less than a minute to change implements without tools.

Be sure to compare this important time-saving feature with other brands.  You'll agree . . . nobody offers faster hitching.  It's another bench-mark of superlative Simplicity engineering. 

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42" ROTARY MOWER -- Hustles through 2 acres per hour.  Extra-deep housing, 3 blades and large discharge chute. Features exclusive "FREE-FLOATING" -- mower mounted on front axle, so it follows contour of front wheels, never scalps. Cuts to within 5/8" on either side.  New, better throwing blades now have added tip life. (Requires No. 211 Power Take-Off.) Model No. 190. Ship. Wt.138 lbs. Leaf mulcher No. 226 available as optional equipment.
42" GRADER BLADE -- Maintains gravel drives, levels loose dirt. Attaches with three pins; no tools needed. Angles right, left, or straight ahead, High carbon steel blade is 1/2" thick, double beveled, and reversible. (Recommend four No. 046 wheel weights.)  Model No. 237. Ship. Wt. 66 lbs.
32" ROTARY MOWER -- Wades through 1-3/8 acres per hour.  Mounts in less than a minute without tools. Features Patented "FREE-FLOATING" - -the tractors front wheels tilt the mower over uneven ground. Result: no scalping. 3 High carbon hardened, steel blades and heavy-walled steel housing mean long life. (Requires No. 211 Power Take-Off.) Model No. 207. Ship. Wt. 110lbs. Leaf mulcher No. 173 available as optional equipment.

[Source: 1963 Simplicity Lawn & Garden Catalog, courtesy of Ronald Miksa]




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