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LANDLORD® 101 takes command of all outdoor work!

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Vacuum Collector saves hours and hours of raking and aching!

Vacuum Collector  (Mfg. No. 328)  Let's you hang up your rake for good. . .it's the answer to an estate owner's aching muscles.  Powered by the tractor engine, it simultaneously vacuums and mulches leaves and grass clippings as you mow, and propels them into an extra-large grass container. . . it holds the 26 bushels you see here!  Heavy-duty, all weather canvas bin features sturdy removable rear door that's extra wide for easy dumping.  Attaches easily to your 42" rotary mower and dump cart. 
  High-Low range speed kit (Mfg. No. 348) gives wide  range of speeds forward and reverse. This pulley, with internal gearing in its hub, lets you shift from direct drive to reduced drive, cutting speed to approximately one-third of initial pace. Shifts easily by lever at front of seat.

  Ten dependable horsepower take tough going lightly, with three convenient power take-off positions — front, center and rear — for unmatched versatility. This power package lets you step up to six mph. But even wide open you won’t rankle the neighbors nor exceed a safe speed — its Softpurr Muffler stifles engine noise without stealing horsepower.

  Controlled traction differential supplies power to both wheels on slippery sidehills and icy sidewalks, giving you better traction.
  Quick switching attachments let you change your mind or implement in a matter of minutes. What’s more, you need no tools. Putting on or taking off its wide range of attachments is . . . well, Simplicity!

  Big rotary mower cuts a velvety- smooth swath 42” wide . . . and the 5-gang mower stretches this swath to 98” wide, shrinking even the broadest lawns to small-patch proportions.

Landlord plows deep without grunting, grades its level best, tosses aside wet snow, hauls, mows, tills, cultivates . . . anything you ask it. This machine knows no season, and has a quality that never quits. Put a Landlord in your life, and you’ll know what we mean by living the life of Simplicity.

Original, damaged catalog courtesy of Steve Redfern with some pictures courtesy of Chris Geise. Entire catalog in great condition, courtesy of Wally Becker.




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