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WONDER-BOY© attachments

give you a real lift! 

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Half-Ton Dump Cart (Mfg. No. 085) This cart takes the lift out of yard work, easily hauling 1,000 lbs. of any type of material. Both the Wonder-Boy 401 and the Super Wonder- Boy tow this cart easily, and it’s hitched on in a jiffy. Carries seed, soil, fertilizer, heavy or bulky implements. 

 Built to Lift and Last. The half-ton dump cart can be completely tipped without disconnecting the trailer hitch or lifting the trailer wheels from the ground. Sturdy, heavy-gauge steel body and electrically welded steel frame are completely reinforced to haul heavy loads constantly for years. Tailgate is detachable. Size: 39" x 26” x 12”

With a Wonder-Boy 401 or a Super Wonder-Boy you rule your yard ...  your yard doesn't rule you. Either of them put you in the driver’s seat, and lets you steer toward more leisure time and family fun.

The Super Wonder-Boy and the Wonder-Boy Special mow large areas in a hurry with their 32’ mowers, trim up to % on sides . . . and never scalp the ground, thanks to their patented Free-Floating feature which allows mower to tilt with contours and literally “float” the blades over tough grades and terraces. Their extra power, plus two forward speeds and one reverse, lets you handle the usual yard chores, plus master the tough jobs such as maintaining your stone drive, grading, and clearing snow.

The Wonder-Boy 401 with its 24” mowers, smoothes off your lawn at an ambitious clip, mulches leaves to enrich your lawn, rolls your grass to carpet-smoothness, and gives you a wonderful lift by hauling loads while you ride in “arm­chair comfort.” 

And power! The Wonder-Boy 401 has a 4 hp engine that loves being busy ...  and the Super Wonder-Boy and Super Wonder-Boy Special both have 6 brawny horses to pull you through the toughest going. You’re on your way in an in­stant with a Wonder-Boy, thanks to Easy-Spin starting and magneto ignition system. And you travel with a low-back pressure type muffler that seals off sound without stealing power.  

Both of these husky helpers are packed with advanced features others won’t have for years, for performance that’s unmatched in outdoor power. Hooked up with their range of attachments, these Wonder-Boys let you ease up on yard work . . .  with Simplicity.

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Three Gang Mower (Mfg. No. 273) The Super Wonder-Boy steps right out in front of these three 22” ground-driven mowers, as they cut a velvety smooth swath fully 5’ wide. This three gang mower mows 2¾ acres per hour. Heavy-duty steel construction assures you of long, service-free life under constant use. Extra wide tires leave nary a mark on your lawn, even when it’s wet.

The Simplicity 4 hp Wonder-Boy 401, 6 hp Super Wonder-Boy and 6 hp Special have so many quality performance characteristics that we welcome the comparison with any other similar sized units on the market. On 6hp Wonder-Boys under normal load and mowing conditions, their average speeds are two to three miles per hour in low and three to five miles per hour in high. Under the same conditions, and average carburetor adjustments, fuel consumption is 1½ to 2 quarts per hour.

More Wonder-Boy features that deserve consideration:

  Turning and Mowing Radii: Turns easily to outside of 1¼’ radius, completely inside a 4½’ radius. With 32” rotary mower, the Super Wonder-Boy cuts to outside of a 24” radius. With gang mowers, cuts 66" swath.

  Climbing and Stability: Operates safely, easily and comfortably on grades up to 40% ... straight up or down, quartering or along sides.

Original, damaged catalog courtesy of Steve Redfern with some pictures courtesy of Chris Geise. Entire catalog in great condition, courtesy of Wally Becker.



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