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designed for those who think thrifty!

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4 hp Wonder-Boy 401 (Mfg. No. 357) shown with 24" rotary mower

Simplicity engineers stressed service and practicality when they designed this 4 hp Wonder-Boy 401. It’s aptly named, too, because this handy helper really works wonders with yard chores you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

Here are some of its features for you to consider and compare:

  Compact design makes it highly maneuverable . . . and lets you store it easily between two cars in your garage. Though it’s attractive, it has no purely decorative parts that aren’t functional.

  Starts every time thanks to its responsive Easy-Spin Starter and magneto ignition system. There’s no “recoil-rope wrestling,” no losing time and temper with a balky engine . . . a quick spin and V-A-R-O-O-O-M-M! the Wonder-Boy’s ready to work.

Its 24” mower levels a lot of lawn in little time, on slopes as steep as 40%, without scalp­ing a single blade of grass. The no-scalp feature is due to the mower’s mounting on the front axle, letting it ride bumps and dips of lawn contours with the front wheels, taking no shortcuts . . . it gives you an even trim.

  Sturdy as a tank, with electrically-welded all steel construction . . . gentle as your neighbor’s new car, responding smoothly in one forward speed and one reverse . . .  maneuverable enough to trim easily around a tree, mows within 5/8" of edge of deck . . .  working cooler, with the engine fumes behind you . . . and comfortable as a chaise lounge, with soft no-mar tires and deep-padded seat mounted on rubber vibration isolators, cutting height adjusts 1-5/8” to 2-3/4”.

  Mounts any attachment in less than a minute, without touching a tool for mulching leaves and superb mowing. Only an owner can describe the wonders of a Wonder-Boy -- America’s favorite year ‘round labor saver. 


for folks who appreciate extra convenience!

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super_wb.jpg (44506 bytes)
Super Wonder-Boy (Mfg. No. 329) shown with 32" rotary mower

Here’s convenience with class — an outdoor helper that’s long on comfort extras, with extra power for the heavier jobs. Feature for feature, it’s a marvelous creature. The Simplicity engineers put convenience foremost when they designed the Super Wonder-Boy. They put a new gas
gauge in the hood, that lets you check on fuel without removing the gas cap. They designed the 6 hp Super Wonder-Boy for changing attachments in seconds without tools. They put the pivot point under the driver’s seat for more stable operation. Nothing was overlooked to bring you the finest performer ever to tackle a lawn or garden job.

This hustler powers a full 32” mower . . . has tires 6½” wide which provide sure-footed traction without leaving tread marks, and are gentle on drivers as well as lawns. To add further riding comfort, the steering post has been
embedded in rubber to dampen vibrations, and the deep foam rubber padded contour seat is mounted on rubber springs. The foot operated clutch-brake combination gives positive control of the unit. The Super Wonder-Boy is well, super!

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This Wonder-Boy Special (~Wfg. No. 332) is designed for the economy’ minded. It’s a cost-conscious version of the Super Wonder-Boy,
sharing all but a few of the features offered in the Super. For example, it has no chrome hubcaps, no gas gauge. no rubber padded foot rest, and uses standard size tires 4.80 x 4.00-8. Other than that, it has all the get up and mow of the Super.

wb_special.jpg (24966 bytes)

Original, damaged catalog courtesy of Steve Redfern with some pictures courtesy of Chris Geise. Entire catalog in great condition, courtesy of Wally Becker.




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