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Simplicity® 3112 with Hydrostatic or Variable Speed Drive

Simplicity 3112 

Simplicity Sovereign 3112 has a 12 hp Briggs & Stratton engine with synchronized balancers, electric starter-generator, and Hydrostatic Drive. 

Shown with 48" Rotary Mower which has the only real "free floating" feature on the market that effectively avoids scalping... an exclusive patent of Simplicity. Optional "Powerlift" lets you hydraulically lift mower or other attachments with finger tip ease.

Name the job... this tractor can handle it.  It's built for big lawns... big gardens... big yards...and big challenges--around homes or commercial uses. It's as long on versatility as it is on horsepower... and it has plenty of that. It has 12 horses under its hood that are as eager to work in winter as they are in summer.

With the 3112's full line of attachments, no mission's impossible in the lawn and garden class. It mows over 2 acres an hour... clears snow like a blizzard in reverse... and muscles through a heap of other chores with accessories you can change as quickly as your mind.

Introduced last year, the Sovereign has already made a big impression on a mass of satisfied owners. But Simplicity engineers have done it again ... this year's Sovereign is available in a choice of either hydrostatic or variable speed drive.

What's Hydrostatic drive? You have to experience it to fully appreciate it. Basically, it gives you one lever Simplicity control, allowing you to move in forward or reverse without gear shifting... yet gives you smooth starts in either direction. It allows you to change speeds and directions while on the move. And Hydrostatic drive maintains constant ground speed on varying terrain--up hill and down regardless of loading, up to the limits of engine power. Attachments remain at regular speed for greater efficiency.  

The Sovereign with Variable Speed Drive, on the other hand, has won fans of its own. It's highly economical ... and allows instant ground speed changes in forward or reverse while the engine and attachments remain at peak efficiency and speed, The same drive principle is used effectively on thousands of large self-propelled combines on farms around the world, which gives you an idea of the practicality and dependability of the Variable Speed drive.

For safety, the Sovereign has been equipped with an interlocking key that prevents the tractor being started before shifting to neutral. Stop in at your Simplicity dealer at your earliest convenience... sit in the plush seat of a 3112 ...and put it through its paces. You have to see and ride this Simplicity 311 2 to fully understand and appreciate its compare-proof features.

We're inviting comparisons... because we're convinced that comparison buyers are Simplicity's best prospects. This 3112 doesn't need a sales pitch... it has the features to sell itself.

For use on 3112 tractor
For use on 2210 tractor

[Source: Simplicity -- for picture perfect outdoor maintenance, 1969 Product Catalog, Form No. 868, courtesy of John Boesch]



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