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The Broadmoor handles a 36-inch rotary mower... letting you mow three feet of grass in one pass... without scalping a blade, thanks to the famous Simplicity patented mounting feature. It also handles with efficiency a 42-inch snow plow and dozer blade... a 3-gang mower ... and 32-inch rotary snow thrower ...Typical of Simplicity units, you switch all these attachments in minutes without tools.

Spunky as the Broadmoor is in tough going, it's easy to boss. Its geared steering mechanism lets you circle small flower beds and shrubs, edging within a half inch of trees and fences. That means less jockeying to cut up close, and a lot less hand trimming.

With comfort that never quits, it's little wonder that the Broadmoor has been Simplicity's best seller for years. It's the ideal combination of power, performance and versatility.

36-inch Lawn Roller. This Lawn Roller weighs 430 lbs. when filled with water and smoothes a 3 ft. wide area. Spring loaded Scraper Blade keeps roller clean during operation. Roller is 18 inches in diameter, constructed of heavy 12 gauge steel for durable long life.

Compare these Features of the 727:

Enough power to handle a 36~inch rotary mower... a 42-inch snow plow and dozer blade... a 3-gang mower .. and a 32-inch rotary snow thrower... 

3 speeds forward and one reverse... speeds ranging from 1 to 4 mph. 

Controlled traction differential -- when one wheel slips, the other continues to drive

Easy spin electric starting for instant response that lets you get on and go 

All-season Quick-Switching attachments that let you change implements in minutes without tools (we invite time comparison with other makes)

Deep-padded bucket seat adjustable for different sized operators 

Gas gauge in hood that lets you check fuel level without removing the gas cap or leaving the comfortable seat

Brake-clutch combination 

9'' wide "Terra-tread" tires

Dash with conveniently grouped controls

Lights and other optional accessories.

[Source: Simplicity -- for picture perfect outdoor maintenance, 1969 Product Catalog, Form No. 868, courtesy of John Boesch]




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