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42" Mower
48" Mower
Trailing Mower
32" Tiller
36" Tiller
Gang Mower
Weed Cutter
Lawn Roller
Sickle Bar
Dozer Blade
Dump Cart
Front Loader
Rotary Sweeper
Spiker Aerator
Front Thatcher
Rear Sprayer
Front Mower
Utility Trailer
Trailing Sprayer

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Picture your place with Simplicity Quick-Switching attachments

You're buying a lot more than a lawn mower when you purchase the Simplicity tractor. Suffice to say that Simplicity offers you an implement for all-powered-outdoor maintenance ... and every attachment features Simplicity's Quick-Switching, because we make engineered partners of tractors and attachments.

Add "Powerlift," the finger-tip hydraulically operated lift mechanization, and any attachment front, center or rear can be handled with the ultimate in simplicity.

SIMPLICITY attachments are made by Simplicity for Simplicity tractors. By making our own attachments, we eliminate the compromises common to that of many other tractor manufacturers. The result is better performance when they're put to use.

Other brands of lawn and garden power equipment try hard to come close to Simplicity performance, but there's always one hitch that keeps them from matching its quality and convenience-that's Quick-Switching. Since we make our own attachments, Simplicity tractors and their attachments work together as partners, because they're engineered for each other. This engineering program of the broadest line of attachments made by a tractor manufacturer makes the Simplicity line unique in the outdoor power equipment field.

Before you purchase a lawn and garden tractor, we invite you to compare the time involved in changing attachments, as well as the versatility in the jobs they perform.

Other Simplicity attachments and accessories not shown here:
(Snow Removal equipment shown elsewhere).  Leaf Mulcher... High-Low Speed Kit... Speed Reduction Kit... Hubcaps . . . Dual Lift Lever . . . Tire Chains . . . Front Lights . . . Rear Light... Wheel Weights... Front Counterweight... Rear Counterweight... Tine Extensions.

Other Allied Attachments not shown:
1. Toter Trailer made by Coulter Equipment Co.
2. Twin Blade Pit Scraper made by Ley Equipment Co.
3. Post Hole Digger  made by Danuser Machine Co.
4. Trencher made by Hawk Bilt
5. Aerator made by Greenlawn Aerators Inc.
6. Mobile Generator made by Generac Corp.

For use on 3112 tractor
For use on 2210 tractor

[Source: Simplicity -- for picture perfect outdoor maintenance, 1969 Product Catalog, Form No. 868, courtesy of John Boesch]



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