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Simplicity attachments. Key to year-around versatility.

for 12 hp. Sovereign
for 10 hp. Landlord
for 8 hp. Broadmoor
for 7 hp. Yeoman
for 5 hp. Serf

SWEEPERS. Collect leaves, grass, other debris. Dump easily from operator's seat. Attach to tractor with simple hitch. 30" wide model has 8 bushel capacity, 36" model holds 14" bushels.

VACUUM COLLECTOR. Strong suction picks up heavy items as well as light ones. Simultaneously vacuums and mulches as you mow. Choice of large or small collection cart cover. Roving 15' nozzle optional for cleaning around bushes and areas not accessible by tractor.

TRAILING MOWERS. Smooth and even cutting rotary type. Mows football field in 20 minutes. Unique hitch and mower mounting lets all units follow ground contours. Special Simplicity design prevents scalping. Cutting heights easily and quickly adjustable. Detach in seconds without tools, to use tractor mower for trimming.

SNOW THROWERS. Four sizes, 42" to 27" wide, to fit all five Simplicity tractors. All have non-clogging straight sides. Auger drive and chute direction controlled from operator's seat. Adjustable skid shoes accommodate any surface.

DOZER BLADE. Doubles as snowplow. Heavy steel blade is reinforced, shock-protected by two large springs on 46" model. Mounts on front axle to follow ground contours. Angles to left or right. Raised or lowered from operator's seat. Two blade widths. 42" for all models. 46" for .

SICKLE BAR. Slices through heavy growth easily, on all terrain. Spring breakback mechanism prevents damage from obstructions. Re-couples without dismounting. Cuts 46" swath.

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trailing_mowers.jpg (29852 bytes)

snowtthrower.jpg (36077 bytes)

[Source: Brochure, Simplicity 1970, Form 869, courtesy of William Harm]




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