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Features like these add to Simplicity value.

Electric Starting:

Just like your car's . . . just as convenient and dependable. You get a hot, sure-starting spark even if engine is cold and stiff. Neutral interlock prevents starting in gear on 12, 10 and 8 hp. Big generator capacity keeps battery fully charged even when lights are used, except 5 hp.  Remove key and your tractor is safe from theft or tampering. Electric starting standard on Simplicity 12 hp., 10 hp. and 8 hp. models. Optional on 7 hp. and 5 hp.

Controlled Traction:
Provides true differential action for full control in turning . . . plus limited-slip feature. Transfers some power to the wheel with the best grip . . . reduces spinning. Optional wheel weights and tire chains are recommended for extreme conditions where extra traction is required.

Powerlift Control:
Puts hydraulic pressure to work for you, like a car's power steering. At the touch of a lever, you lift, lower or hold all attachments--front, center or rear mounted. Optional on 12 hp. and 10 hp. tractors only.

Power Take-Offs:
All Simplicity tractors give you three PTO locations to operate a variety of all-season attachments. Front and center PTO's on all units operate whether or not vehicle drive is engaged . . . are driven directly by engine, not through transmission.

Clutch and Brake:
Both operated by one pedal, for simplicity of use. Push pedal halfway down to declutch, further to apply brake in just the degree you want. Separate hand lever locks brake for parking. Standard on all tractor models.

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[Source: Brochure, Simplicity 1970, Form 869, courtesy of William Harm]





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