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. . . our name and our claim.

Simplicity is more than a name.  It's a way of doing things. The engineers at Simplicity design products simply to do what you want.  And to keep doing it without trouble or worry, year after year.  Even in the features you see her -- features that set Simplicity apart from the others -- they never use a complex group of parts when one simple item will do as well.  This philosophy is popular with Simplicity owners, too.  They know there are no finer powered products


Notice the smile.

You see it on Simplicity owners.  It comes from all the convenience features they enjoy . . . and the lack of worries.  Documented studies show that Simplicity owners keep and use their machines longer . . . get more of the purchase price back when they do trade . . . and almost always buy another Simplicity.  Do you blame them for smiling?

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Electric Starting.

As simple and dependable as your car.  Just a turn of the key and you're off, with Simplicity Easy-Spin electric starting.  Big battery packs extra power to meet all demands.  Standard on 12 hp., 10 hp., and 8 hp. models, with starter that doubles as generator to keep battery at top charge the year around.  Starter with generator is optional on 7hp.  Starter only is optional on 5hp.

starting.jpg (26616 bytes)

access.jpg (28603 bytes)

Easy Access.

Just flip up the bucket seat on 12 hp. and 10 hp. models, or take off the removable hood.  Everything's in easy reach, for checks and routine servicing.  Seat is specially contoured, amply padded for support and comfort.  Muffler and cooling fan blows engine heat away from driver.

No "summer romance."

It hardly makes sense to use a fine machine only a few months a year.  That's why Simplicity offers more than 30 attachments . . . including fast, efficient snow-fighting tools.  And these attachments are made by Simplicity . . . designed for the machine just as the internal components are.  Simple idea, but it gives you a hard-working, reliable partner 12 months a year.

summer.jpg (26119 bytes)

design.jpg (38635 bytes)

The "integrated design" idea.

Every Simplicity part is designed specifically for its job . . . designed to work with every other part.  And all are carefully manufactured . . . on advanced machines such as this tape-controlled multi-spindle drill, shown boring a Simplicity transmission.  Where others may just put a group of parts together, we design our products as complete units.  That's one more reason they last as long, work so well.  Simple, isn't it?


A Simplicity patent!  Mower is attached to the front axle . . . as wheels sense change in terrain they adjust mower position automatically, to follow ground contour.  Rollers guide rear of housing to assure non-scalp action.  This "Free-Floating" action gives your lawn a smooth, even cut.  Nothing complicated about that.

quick-switching.JPG (17997 bytes)


Maybe you've seen other tractors that claim to offer easy mower attachment-changing.  But they can't match Simplicity Quick-Switch.  Takes just seconds and no tools . . . and you're off to another task.  In actual tests, Quick-Switching has been timed in 11 seconds flat . . . against 20 minutes to an hour for most others.  Owners agree, Quick-Switching is simplicity itself.

[Source: Brochure, Simplicity 1970, Form 869, courtesy of William Harm]




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