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for 12 hp. Sovereign
for 10 hp. Landlord
for 8 hp. Broadmoor
for 7 hp. Yeoman
for 5 hp. Serf

10" MOLDBOARD PLOW. Rolling coulter cuts trash, slices neat, clean furrow. Handy regulator controls furrow depth.

TILLERS. Rotary units till rip to 8"deep- Break up and blend soil without pulverizing it. Tines are strong, self-sharpening, individually replaceable. 36" width for . 30" tiller for .

CULTIVATOR.  Prepare an ideal seedbed, without pulverizing soil. Depth adjustable while underway. Wide, strong shovels are staggered to shed trash.

SPRING TOOTH HARROW. Works a 44" width. Mounts in minutes, adjusts from driver's seat by manual lever or Powerlift. Seven steel teeth, rugged steel frame.


Dual lift lever, dual wheels (10 hp. only), front and rear counter weights, 540-rpm. PTO for farm applications.


  LAWN REVITALIZER 26"  Don't let your lawn grow to death!  This handy attachment cleans out dead grass arid pierces the ground surface, giving your lawn air to breathe, and water to soak in.

  36" roller, dump carts, grader-blade, leaf mulcher, hubcaps, tire chains, wheel weights.

Many attachments by allied manufacturers add still further versatility to your Simplicity tractor.  See your dealer for the allied attachments brochure.

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[Source: Brochure, Simplicity 1970, Form 869, courtesy of William Harm]




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