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Right from the very beginning . . . tractors, attachments, accessories . . . every part of every product is designed as a hardworking member of a hardworking team. That means nothing is ever added on to any Simplicity tractor. It's all designed-in. That's the beginning of the Simplicity philosophy . . . the Simplicity plan.

And keeping everything as simple as possible is part of that plan. That's why we never use a complex set of mechanisms when a single part will do the same job. And fewer working parts mean less to wear out. Less to repair. Less time and money to keep your tractor working for you.

That's why so many Simplicity owners keep their machines so long. Why they get more out of their machines while they're using them . . . more out of them when they trade them in. That's why they almost always buy another Simplicity.

If you're a tractor owner now, think about Simplicity . . . the machine people trade up to. If you've never owned a tractor before, think about buying right the first time.


[Source:  Simplicity brochure, 15hp and 10hp tractors, Form 11-007, hand-dated 7/24/72, courtesy of Wally Koerbel]




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