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Miscellaneous Options and Accessories

540 rpm Rear Power Take Off (Mfrs. No. 504). Low speed for driving farm implements. 1-3/8" standard farm tractor spline.

Front Ball Hitch (Mfrs. No. 686)

Rear Ball Hitch (Mfrs. No. 685)

Dual Front Light Kit - Landlord only (Mfrs. No. 689)

Rear Flood Light Kit (Mfrs. No. 456) - requires Front Light Kit (Mfrs.No. 689) on Landlord.

Hub Caps-Set of 4 (Mfrs. No. 280)

Rear Wheel Weight (Mfrs. No. 708). Improve traction. Can be stacked up to 5 each wheel.

Front Wheel Weight (Mfrs. No. 449). Improves steering control on soft or slippery surfaces.

Front Weight (Mfrs. No. 668). Improves steering control when rear attachments are used.

Power Lift Kit (Mfrs. No. 658). Fingertip effort raises, lowers, or holds attachments electrically. Automatic brake eliminates overrun.

Rear Lift Kit (Mfrs. No. 771). Required with plow, cultivator, spring tooth harrow, tiller, lawn revitalizer.

Low Speed Kit (Mfrs. No. 772). Reduces ground speed of 3-speed Landlord to permit use of Tiller and Snow Thrower.

Dual Lift Lever Kit (Mfrs. No. 791). (Fits 1972 and previous models). Permits positioning of front attachments independently of basic tractor lift system.

Tire Chains* (Mfrs. No. 523) Sovereign Standard Tires

Tire Chains* (Mfrs. No. 315) Landlord Standard Tires

Storage Covers (Mfrs. No. 636). Covers tractor with mower, tiller, or snow thrower or dozer blade. (Mfg. No. 635). Covers tractor with mower or grader blade.

Customer Tool Kit (Mfrs. No. 632)

Hour Meter (Mfrs. No. 736)

Vacuum Collector Adaptor (Mfrs. No. 741). For 48" Rotary Mower. (Mfrs. No. 620) for 42" Rotary Mower.

Roving Nozzle (Mfrs. No. 447). For use with vacuum collector in window wells, around shrubs, etc.

  * Use with caution on blacktop surfaces.


[Source:  Simplicity brochure, 15hp and 10hp tractors, Form 11-007, hand-dated 7/24/72, courtesy of Wally Koerbel]





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