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Rotary Mowers... 48" (Mfrs. No. 740) 42" (Mfrs. No. 784)
Effective Cutting Width 48" (for Sovereign only)  42" (Sovereign or Landlord)
Mowing Capacity Up to 2 acres an hour  Up to 2 acres an hour


36" long x 54" wide x 6" deep 35" long x 47" wide x 6" deep

Mower overall width (including deflector)

54" 47" 
Deck height above blade


Cutting Height Continuously variable between 1-1/8" and 3-1/8"
Blade Arrangement Three staggered overlapping blades.
Mower Input Drive Tractor center PTO clutch controls power to cushioning V-belt to mower center spindle
Side Spindle Drive Cushioning V-belt with spring-loaded idler. Couples all spindles.
Spindle Bearings Sealed rolling contact

Sickle Bar (Mfrs. No. 785) ,

Effective Width


Mowing Rate

Up to 1 acre an hour

Slope mowing angle up or down (relative to tractor)

45 up. 20 down.

Pitman Bearings

Sealed heavy duty rolling contact.


V-belt from tractor center PTO clutch through planetary reduction gear at mower head.

Cultivator (Mfrs. No. 699)

 Maximum Width


Minimum Width Between Center Shovels


Vertical Adjustmentof Standards


Number and typeof Sweeps

5 Duck foot, heat treated steel


Lawn Roller (Mfrs. No. 227)  

Effective Width


Water Capacity

40.2 gallons 




18" high 


44" wide 

Roller Diameter



Spring Tooth Harrow (Mfrs. No. 408)

Maximum Effective Width



7 heat treated high carbon steel teeth 


Tooth spacing and vertical height are individually adjustable. Tool bar adjusts vertically from hitch to change draft angle. Two adjustable gage shoes control depth.

Draft Angle

Tool bar adjustable vertically from hitch

10" Moldboard Plow (Mfrs. No. 464)

Width of Cut


Rank of Plow( ground clearance)


Overall Dimensions

41" long x 25" high

Coulter Diameter


Coulter Adjustments

Vertical - 4"

Transverse - 1-3/4"

Fore and aft -- 4 positions

Landside Length


[Source:  Simplicity brochure, 15hp and 10hp tractors, Form 11-007, hand-dated 7/24/72, courtesy of Wally Koerbel]




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