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The 10 hp. Simplicity

Landlord, the number two Simplicity, with two drive options to choose from. 4-speed Shuttling Drive provides instant reversing in any of the four speed ranges... without clutching. Pull shuttle lever toward reverse to slow or stop the tractor... all the way back to reverse tractor. 3-speed standard gear drive is rugged ... works smooth and easy, transmits full power of the 10 hp. engine. Both Shuttle Drive and Touch-O-Matic clutch can be feathered to slow tractor without shifting. Ideal for mowing around trees and shrubs where careful control is necessary. Optional electric powerlift lets you raise, lower and hold attachments in position with the touch of a lever. Standard electric start gets you going fast. 42" mower keeps the cutting fast... up to 2 acres per hour. Front (furnished with snow thrower) ... or center and rear power takeoffs are controlled independently of engine drive.

42" Rotary Mower.
46" Sickle Bar Mower. 
Vacuum Collector and Roving Nozzle.
Dump Cart.
38" Lawn Revitalizer.
36" Snow Thrower.
42" and 46" Snow Plow and Dozer Blade.
Hard Top Snow Cab.
36" Tiller and Tine Extensions.
10" Moldboard Plow.
Spring Tooth Harrow.
42" Grader Blade.
Rear Ball Hitch.
Front Dual Lights.
Rear Flood Light.
Front and Rear Wheel Weights.
Front Weight.
Electric Powerlift.
Tire Chains.
Hour Meter.

[Source:  Simplicity Lawn Tractors catalog, Form No. 21-005, hand-dated 10/12/72, courtesy of Chris Geise]




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