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MODEL 10 hp. (Eng. Mfrs. Rating)/Landlord
Mfrs. No. 755 (3410), Mfrs. No. 756 (3410S)
Engine  Briggs & Stratton. 4-cycle air-cooled single cylinder. 10 hp., 23.94 cu. in. displacement. Stellite exhaust valve and seat. Horizontal crankshaft. Cast iron construction.
Fuel capacity, 3 gals.
Governor Adjustable mechanical, fully enclosed and lubricated. Range-1000 to 3600 rpm.
Lubrication Splash type. Capacity 4 pts.
Starting 12 volt electric starter generator with 42 ampere-hour battery, 3 stage voltage regulator, 20 ampere circuit breaker and generator warning light.  Key controlled with solenoid.
Transmission SHUTTLING DRIVE: (3410S)
4-speed ranges in forward and reverse. Permits instant reversing in any range without clutching or shifting.
GEAR DRIVE: (3410)
3 speeds forward and one in reverse.
Speeds (At 3600 rpm.) SHUTTLE DRIVE:
Fwd. & Rev.
96 mph.
2.3 mph.
3.7 mph.
5.1 mph.
1.5 mph.
3.5 mph.
5.8 mph.
2.9 mph.
96 mph.
2.3 mph.
3.7 mph.
1.9 mph.
Differential  All gear, automatically controlled traction type.
Clutch-brake On one pedal. Top of travel declutches Touch-O-Matic belt idler. Further travel applies external band type brake. Separate cam controls parking brake.
Power Takeoffs For front, center and rear attachments. Operate independently of vehicle drive.
Frame Electrically welded heavy gauge steel. Inverted channel construction.
Dimensions (without attachments) 34" wide, 67" long. 39" high to top of steering wheel. 48" wheelbase.
Steering Ratio 4.66:1
Turning Radius 30" inside rear tire
Tires (Pneumatic) Front -- 4.80 x 4.00 x 8 (3-speed)
16 x 6.50 x 8 (Shuttle Drive)
Rear -- 23 x8.50 x12
Mower Size  42."  Height adjusts from 1-5/8" to 3-1/8".

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[Source:  Simplicity Lawn Tractors catalog, Form No. 21-005, hand-dated 10/12/72, courtesy of Chris Geise]




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