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Belts, drives, all moving parts are covered or guarded for safety during normal starting, mounting and operating procedures. Muffler is positioned at the front of tractor.., engine cooling fan directs heat away from the operator. 8 hp. models have new muffler heat guard... 16 hp. and 10 hp. tractors have hood to enclose muffler for even more protection.

New improved rotary mower has an extra long discharge chute.., with a new stone guard for better protection from objects that may be picked up and thrown by the blade.

Controls are located at operator's station... easy to reach, marked to indicate response. Clutch and brake are on one pedal. Top of travel declutches, further travel applies brake to degree desired. Electric start has key ignition switch with neutral interlock to prevent starting when in gear... or when power takeoff is engaged. Simply remove key to protect children when you leave tractor.

[Source:  Simplicity Lawn Tractors catalog, Form No. 21-005, hand-dated 10/12/72, courtesy of Chris Geise]




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