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Sickle Bar Mowers.  

46" or 57" cutting width, depending on tractor size. Center mounted.

sickle_bar.jpg (29652 bytes)

Vacuum Collectors.  

With optional roving nozzle.  Mow, and vacuum, all at once.

vacuum.jpg (29973 bytes)

Dump Carts.  

Haul 400 to 1000 lbs, per load. Dump load completely without unhitchlng.

dump_cart.jpg (28478 bytes)
Lawn Revitalizer.   

Thatches, aerates, conditions lawn.  26"or 38" wide, adjustable working depth. 

revitalizer.jpg (29297 bytes)
Snowplow/Dozer Blades.  

In 42,"  46," and 60" widths. Tilt with front axle to follow land contours. Angle right or left.

snow_dozer.jpg (29329 bytes)
Snow Throwers.  

Sized to the tractor, in 32," 42' and 52" working widths.  All controls at operator's fingertips.  Belt driven with no shear pins.

snowthrower.jpg (21556 bytes)
Snow Cab.   

Snug protection for winter chores. Provides full visibility all around.

snow_cab.jpg (22085 bytes)

Rotary models in 30," 36" and 48" working widths.  Depth controlled by manual or electric lift.

tiller.jpg (25460 bytes)
Grader Blade.  

40,"  42," and 60" widths. Great for leveling gravel or light landscaping.

grader.jpg (29183 bytes)

Rear mounted, sizes to fit tractor models.  Prepare ideal seedbed or work soil after planting

cultivator.jpg (29262 bytes)
Spring Tooth Harrow.   

Works ground after plowing up to 42" at a pass.

spring_tooth.jpg (29263 bytes)
Moldboard Plows.  

Rear mounted, 10" or 12" sizes. Cut through soil and trash. 

plow.jpg (29065 bytes)

[Source:  Simplicity sales brochure, 51-010, 1975, courtesy of Wally Koerbel]




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