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Standard Simplicity heavy duty lawn tractor advantages include 5-speed forward transmission (plus reverse), heavy gauge all-steel frame, smartly styled steel body, 12-volt electric key starting, solid state ignition, dual circuit alternator, dual headlights, foot operated clutch and brake/parking brake combination, adjustable cushioned contour seat, visual fuel gauge, tilt hood and seat for maximum accessibility, hub caps, extra long anti-skid footrests for maximum operator comfort.


The roomy driver's compartment is easy to step into, and is designed for convenience and safety, with all controls within easy reach and clearly marked.

Strong, Smooth Engine.

Built to last with cast-iron liners in a big 16 HP twin cylinder engine that minimizes vibration; Iow noise levels. Solid state ignition. Quick starting. Hood and seat deck tilt for excellent accessibility.

Vacuum Collector.  

Collect clippings or leaves as you mow. Unit shown is equipped with extra-large replaceable plastic bags for easy disposal. Cart mounted vac attachment available. A standard grass catcher is optional with 36" mower decks.

42" Dozer/Snow Blade

Heavy steel blade angles left, right or straight ahead. Features adjustable skid shoes for gravel or uneven surfaces. Scraper bar reverses for longest wear

Handy Cart. 

Haul garden tools, fertilizer, logs and many more items with this all-steel utility cart. Patented feature allows cart "box" to be completely inverted during dumping without removing cart from tractor.

[Simplicity Catalog, LIT - 820612-150, AD-131. courtesy of Ford Hilton]




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