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These Simplicity garden tractors feature power take-off points for front, center and rear attachments, and heavy duty four range transmissions. Tractor speed is infinitely variable within each range. Standard equipment also includes: 12-volt key electric starting, foot operated clutch and brake/parking brake combination, headlights, adjustable cushioned contour (spring mounted seat) visual fuel gauge, tilt hood and seat deck for maximum accessibility.

Model 6211 with 30" tiller and optional agricultural tires.

Model 6211

11 HP [8.2 kW) single-cylinder synchro-balanced Briggs & Stratton engine.  42" (106.7 cm) mowing width. Heavy duty gear transmission with controlled traction differential. Variable speed Tractomatic drive. 3 ranges forward, .9-6.5 mph (1.45-10.46 km/h). 1 range reverse 2.4-4.4 mph (3.86-7.08 km/h). 2.2 gallon (8.3 litre) fuel capacity.

Cast Iron Transaxle.  

Exclusive Tractomatic Drive. Infinite speed selection within four ranges (3 forward, 1 reverse). Convenient hand lever allows operator to vary ground speed.

Driver Convenience.  

Controls are grouped within easy reach; key start, light switch, ammeter, throttle. Green indicator lights on dash signal when PTO and transmission are in neutral for safe starting. Fuel gauge is visible from the driver's seat. Note automotive-type steering wheel.


Turning radius for all three models is only 24" (60.9 cm), making it easy to operate close to bushes, shrubs and planting areas.

Smooth, Quiet, Powerful Engines.

Three engine choices: 11 hp, smooth running, synchro-balanced single cylinder; 16 hp and 18 hp I/C(lndustrial/Commercial) twin cylinder. Cast iron liners; stellite hardened valves, seats and valve rotators in twins-for longer operating life. 12 volt key electric starting. Solid state ignition.

[Simplicity Catalog, LIT - 820612-150, AD-131. courtesy of Ford Hilton]



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