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     Article 5346


The lawn mower attachment is shipped complete in one carton.


When the 24-inch lawn mower is used with the 5-speed tractor, the 2nd speed is recommended for average cutting. The 1st speed will give a higher frequency of cut and mower will leave a smoother lawn, but it will not cut tall grass as well. The 3rd speed will cut dandelions and plantain seed stalks better, if tractor is run slowly.

1. The 24-inch lawn mower is completely assembled, adjusted and greased when shipped.

2. Attach the mower to the patented Quick-Hitch on the front of the tractor. See Special Quick-Hitch instructions on page 3.

3. Mount belt on engine pulley (1) and mower pulley (2), under idler pulley and over belt stop.

4. Attach lower idler rod (3) to the idler arm (4) and to the lower idler lever (5) using the upper hole.

5. With the clutch lever in the farthest back position, set belt stop (6) to within 1/8-inch of belt.


6. Adjust clutch tension at the spring (7) on the lawn mower idler rod. To avoid damage to cutting unit, keep drive belt tension as light as possible, just enough to maintain reel speed. Reel-drive belt tension is adjusted by tightening or loosening set screw (8) in bracket. Excessive belt tension should not be applied.

7. To adjust the cutting height raise or lower the gauge roller at the back in its slots by loosening the bolts (9). Measure height from cutting edge to floor or flat surface.  Be sure measurement is the same at both ends.

8. Adjust the under knife with set screws at each end of the cutter bar. Insert a single thickness of paper between reel and under knife and adjust until movement of reel shears paper. Make adjustments separately at each end.


Pressure grease fittings on the lawn mower should be greased each time the mower is used.

[Source: Owner's Manual and Parts List, Simplicity Garden Tractors and Implements, date unknown, courtesy of Mark Waite & Joel Wicker]




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