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8" AND 6-1/2'' PLOWS
6-1/2" PLOW, ARTICLE 5399


1. Remove varnish from moldboard and share. (Keep greased when not in use.)
2. Bolt beam to standard at (4) and lock with jam nut so that beam is free to swing on standard.
3. Attach depth regulator screw (2) at (1) and (3).
4. Attach rolling coulter to beam, and adjust crank (5) so that blade runs from 3/8 inch to 1/2 inch to the left of landside.   It is desirable not to run the rolling coulter over 2-1/2 inches deep.


Loosen bolts (6) and raise or lower tractor handles to the desired height. To adjust width of cut (see insert) loosen nuts (7) and screw in set screw (8) for a narrower width of cut, and retighten nuts (7).

Wheel and counterweights are necessary for heavy plowing.

[Source: Owner's Manual and Parts List, Simplicity Garden Tractors and Implements, date unknown, courtesy of Mark Waite & Joel Wicker]




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