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Figure 1 - Saw Mounted in Horizontal Position


The complete saw is shipped in a carton with saw blade separate. The cradle attachment is packed in a separate carton.


CAUTION: Do not have motor running when attaching saw.

1. Attach the saw frame (1, Fig. 1) to the patented QUICK-HITCH (2, Fig. 1) on the front of the tractor.

2. Tighten the two T nuts on QUICK-HITCH and drop stand (3, Fig. 1) into position on ground.

NOTE: QUICK-HITCH is inserted in first and third holes from back of frame for 1-1/2 and 2 H.P. tractors and second and fourth holes for use with 3 H.P. and 5 H.P. tractors.

3. Attach stand rod (4, Fig. 1) to stand and to lower clutch lever with spring clips.

4. Be sure stand remains bolted securely to saw frame to prevent it from passing stop and damaging saw blade.


This is a cordwood saw, guaranteed to be free from defects and properly tempered. It is not guaranteed against breakage of teeth, as this is under the control of the operator.


1. Remove one screw from arbor holder clamp (5, Fig. 1) and insert arbor in vertical position as illustrated in Figure 1.

2. Raise idler bracket (6, Fig. 1) until parallel to arbor shaft and tighten carriage bolt.

3. Remove key from small bag attached to pulley, and insert in pulley key way under set screw.

4. Place pulley on arbor shaft so that it lines up with idler pulley; then tighten set screw.

5. Place 58" saw belt (7, Fig. 1) over arbor pulley and over middle groove of engine pulley so belt rides on idler pulley.

6. Tighten set collar (8, Fig. 1) on adjusting screw assembly and turn tightener screw (9, Fig. 1) until belt is tight; then lock with nut (10, Fig. 1).

7. Remove left hand hex nut and flange from end of arbor shaft. Place saw blade as shown in Figure 1 over end of arbor and secure it with flange and hex nut. To insure tightness tap wrench with hammer.

NOTE: Belt leaving idler pulley should enter arbor pulley on a straight line.  If belt tends to run off top of idler pulley tilt idler bracket slightly forward; if belt tends to run off bottom of idler pulley tilt idler bracket slightly backward.

[Source: Owner's Manual and Parts List, Simplicity Garden Tractors and Implements, date unknown, courtesy of Mark Waite & Joel Wicker]



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