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The cultivator is shipped complete in one carton and tool control separately.


1. Attach parallel bars at 2 and lock with jam nut so that bars are free to swing.

2. Attach depth crank (7) at 3 and 3 first having nuts equally spaced on threads.

3. Clamp wheel standards to front tool bar as shown at 5 and 5.

4. Clamp gang tool holders to rear tool bar as shown at 6 and 6.

5. Attach tool standards to right and left gang tool holders with shank clamps as shown at 9.

6. Clamp tool control handle (4) to front tool bar as shown.

7. Bolt each cultivator shovel to a tool holder as illustrated at 8.


Loosen bolts (1) in draw bar end to adjust handles to the desired height. Crank (7) regulates the depth of cultivation and raises tools for transporting.


Grease wheel bearings daily.


Pictures A, B, and C show an extra straight standard recommended for adapting a wide variety of light horsedrawn tools, such as shown.  These tools are not supplied by Simplicity but are available in most Farm Implement stores.

[Source: Owner's Manual and Parts List, Simplicity Garden Tractors and Implements, date unknown, courtesy of Mark Waite & Joel Wicker]



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