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Remove gang bolts (1) from the frames and assemble discs (2) into right and left hand gangs, as shown. (Right and left hand is determined by the location of the adjustment arm (9) in relation to the curve of the discs.) Insert bolt through discs and wood bearings (3) and fasten with washer and nut. Then clamp disc gangs to the tool bar (4) with clamps (5) to the rear as shown.


Disc gangs are reversible and can be set to throw-in or throw-out. To reverse discs remove cotter pin from adjustment link (6), swing disc gang half way around and replace cotter pin.

To angle discs for greater or less penetration remove cotter pin, swing discs to desired angle and replace cotter pin in adjustment link. Set both gangs to the same angle. (There are two holes in the adjustment arm (9) so half spacing may be made to obtain finer angle adjustments.)

Tilt adjustment arm (7) provides for changing the tilt of the disc gang. Raising the arm causes the outside disc to penetrate deeper than the inner ones, as is desirable when hilling. Tilt adjustment arm also permits perfect leveling of the discs at any depth of penetration.

Loosen bolts (8) on draw bar end to adjust handles of tractor to desired height, then retighten bolts.

When using as a disc harrow (with both gangs set to throw-out) it is desirable to double disc by lapping to avoid leaving ridges.


To lubricate the wood bearings remove cotter pin from bearings and apply ordinary machine oil.


The counterweight is recommended for use with the disc I harrow and plow at all times and is desirable when doing heavy cultivating. For attaching to tractor see Special Quick-Hitch Instructions on Page 3.


Wheel weights bolt to tractor wheel with 2 carriage bolts. One to each wheel for cultivating. Two to left wheel for plowing.  Wheel weights are so designed that as many weights as necessary may be nested on the wheels.

[Source: Owner's Manual and Parts List, Simplicity Garden Tractors and Implements, date unknown, courtesy of Mark Waite & Joel Wicker]



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