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The complete tractor is shipped in a crate. Handles, clutch levers and gear shift handle extension are shipped separately in a carton.


1. Bolt handles to outside of tractor frame as shown. Handle bolts are shipped inserted in the frame.
2. Attach upper idler rod (7) to lower clutch lever (1) and left hand clutch lever assembly (3) as shown.
3. Lower clutch lever (1), mounted as shown, should rest on lever stop (2) when left hand clutch lever assembly (3) is forward.
4. Remove end set collar and spring from clutch rod (4) and insert rod end through hole in lower idler rod pivot (5) as shown. Reassemble spring and set collar.
5. Attach other end of clutch rod (4) to right hand clutch lever assembly (6) as shown.
6. Attach gear shift handle extension (8) to pitman clevis assembly (9) as shown, lining up hole in end of handle extension with set screw, and lock securely.
7. Attach throttle control lever (10) to the left hand handle with the throttle cable strung under the handle.
NOTE: Screws and clamps for cable and throttle lever are in a mailing bag tied to throttle cable.
8. Clamp throttle cable to the handle with three clamps (11) as shown.


Adjust belt tension on spring (A) with set collars. To avoid damaging belt, use the minimum amount of tension required to drive the tractor. Idler lever stop (B) should be adjusted so that stop rests on engine mounting when clutch is not engaged.


The Model V 5 H.P. tractor is equipped with a positive Selective Gear Transmission--3 forward speeds, Low, Medium and High, and Reverse.

Miles per hour in forward speeds are:
Low .......................    89 to 1.78
Medium ................... 1.24 to 2.47
High......................... 1.78 to 3.56


To change speeds, disengage clutch by pushing forward on right hand clutch lever (6). Lift up on gear shift handle extension (8) and select speed desired as indicated by pointer.  A slight downward movement of the gear shift handle extension will engage the gears. Engage clutch by pulling back on right hand clutch lever (6).


The tractor but not the engine (See Engine Instruction Book) is fully lubricated and ready for use when received. There are three high pressure grease fittings and three oil plugs on the tractor: one grease fitting on the idler pulley, one on the main axle housing, and one on the gear case. Grease the idler pulley every 4 to 6 hours of use. Grease the main axle housing every 12 to 15 hours of use and add a few shots of grease to the gear case every 40 to 50 hours of use. Use a general purpose semi-solid grease in the grease gun supplied with the tractor.

The three oil plugs are located on the transmission gear case and cover. The filler plug on the transmission case cover, the oil level plug to the rear of the transmission case and the drain plug on the bottom of the transmission case. To fill transmission remove filler and oil level plugs and pour oil in filler plug opening until it rises to the oil level plug opening (be sure tractor is standing level). Replace plugs and tighten securely. Add fresh oil regularly as required. Use S.A.E. No. 90 oil all year round.

[Source: Owner's Manual and Parts List, Simplicity Garden Tractors and Implements, date unknown, courtesy of Mark Waite & Joel Wicker]




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