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Figure 2---Saw Mounted in Vertical Position


1. Follow same steps for mounting saw in horizontal position except arbor should be placed in horizontal position by loosening arbor prop nut (1, Fig. 2) and swinging saw blade into vertical position.

2. Arbor pulley should be lined up with middle groove of engine pulley as illustrated in Fig. 2.

3. Tighten set collar (2, Fig. 2) on adjusting screw assembly and turn tightener screw (3, Fig. 2) until belt is tight; then lock with nut.

Figure 3---Saw Mounted on Cradle


1. Place saw in vertical position as shown in Figure 2.

2. Loosen arbor clamp bolts and remove arbor. Place cradle tube (1, Fig. 3) in arbor clamp (2, Fig. 3) keeping cradle as far to the right as possible and tighten clamp bolts. See Figure 3.

3. Place arbor (3, Fig. 3) in arbor clamp (4, Fig. 3) on top of cradle and adjust arbor pulley to line up with middle groove of engine pulley.

4.  Remove cradle holder (5, Fig. 3) from cradle and attach to saw frame at (6, Fig. 3) and to cradle frame at (7, Fig. 3).

5. Place 58" belt over pulleys and raise stand; turn belt tightener screw until belt is tight and lock with nut.


1. To raise or lower stand (4, Fig. 2) hold down tractor handles slightly and move left clutch lever to the rear or forward. Stand must be raised when using saw in horizontal position (Fig. 1). Lower stand when using saw in vertical position (Fig. 2) except when using cradle.

2. To use cradle place wood on support arms (8, Fig. 3). Move support arms past saw, being sure to keep hands to the right of the extension (9, Fig. 3), well away from the saw blade.

3. Belt tension should be varied according to material being cut.  It should be just tight enough to prevent slipping.

[Source: Owner's Manual and Parts List, Simplicity Garden Tractors and Implements, date unknown, courtesy of Mark Waite & Joel Wicker]




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