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Power in Your Hands

The Garden Tractor is not new, for it has been a part of the American scene for over thirty years. Yet it is only comparatively recently that increasing public acceptance, coupled with new developments in design and construction, have shown what a tremendously effective job garden tractors can do in providing improved gardening methods plus year round savings in time, labor and expense.

In essence, tractor gardening is simply the application of power to jobs formerly done by hand - in an era when hand labor was cheap and abundant - and greatly multiplying that power so that even a child, given control of such power, can do the work of several hand laborers. For example, a man wielding a hoe over a long working period would average less than one horsepower . . . yet the same man, using the constant, tireless power developed by a two, three or five horsepower garden tractor, is enabled to do the work of four or five men using hand tools.

The paragraphs which follow list some of the steps toward the establishment of a good tractor garden, using a garden tractor to reduce your time and effort, and to increase your pleasure in a worthwhile garden of your own.

[Source: Gardening Supplement to Owner Manual, date unknown, courtesy of Mark Waite & Joel Wicker]




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