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All Purpose Attachments for Squire Riding Tractor


Side Mounted 46-in. Sickle Bar   $124.50

Efficiently Cuts Up to 1.2 Acres Per Hour 

Mows at Up to 40 Degrees Below Horizontal


"Sodbusting" 32-in. Rotary Tiller   $137.50

Tines are Self-Sharpening and Non-Clogging

Slow Tine Speed Breaks Soil Without Powdering 

Slicing Action Provides Maximum Digging

Efficient 10-in. Moldboard Plow  $65.50

Designed Like A Big Farm Tractor Plow

Convenient Depth Regulator Feature

A.  Here's the Quick Way to Mow with Much Less Effort. Cuts down hay, grain, heavy weeds, tall grass, etc. This attachment features many "plusses" usually found on only higher priced tools. Ideal for people with unlevel land because bar can be operated in the near vertical to 40* below horizontal position.  Lever bar allows you to lift bar when approaching a rock or other obstacle . . . but if the object should be hit, a spring release will automatically allow bar to hinge backward, minimizing the chance of damage, then recouple without operator dismounting. Steel hold-down clips guide knives.  Easily attached in minutes with two pins. Must be used with Power-Take-Off Unit (89 FB 1539M) sold on opposite page. Shipped promptly from Stock by Freight or Truck.  
89 FB 1266 R
- Ship. wt. 122 lbs, Cash $124.50

B.  Heavy-Duty Rotary Tiller Tiller Turns Over a Largo 32-in.Swath. Improves soil by uniformly mixing in fertilizers, manure, last year's plants, cover plants and other valuable soil builders throughout tilling depth. Depth adjustment allows you to till up to 6 in. In depth. Removable depth shoe permits finishing wed bed without leaving furrow marks. Produces a granular mulch that helps hold moisture and promote faster and better plant growth. Work. as a cultivator by bruising and chopping weeds and grass, aids soil by turning them in.

Tines Revolve Slowly - Slicing and breaking up soil without harmful powdering. Tines are made from the best quality high carbon steel-heat treated for proper hardness and just the right amount of flexibility. Big 14-in. tine circle. Roller chain drive. Precision. ground steel shafts. Self aligning ball bearing. Drive unit enclosed in dustproof, leakproof case. Positive splash type oil lubrication. Heavy steel dirt shield. Conveniently attaches to tractor without tools -- just one drop pin.  Easily raised with high leverage "Easy-Lift" feature described an Squire page.

Increase tilling width - get work done faster by adding Extension Tines below. Shipped promptly from Stock by Freight or Truck. No Money Down.
89 FB 1251 R - Ship. wt. 130 lbs Cash $137.50

Extension Tines for Tiller Above. Adds a full 10 in. to tilling width for total of 42 in.
89 FB 1436 M - Ship. wt. 19 lbs. Pair $12.50

C.  Ease of Handling and Husky Ground Breaking Power Are Features of this Plow.  Greatly cuts time and. labor needed for all your plowing jobs.  Accurate depth regulator gives precise furrow control  Designed so that plow rum straight and true with two tractor wheels in furrow, utilizing full power of tractor. Convenient regulator lets you set or change depth any time-even as. you plow. Simply turn screw crank for different  adjustments. Has a rolling coulter to cut sod and trash, eliminates jamming around blade, gives you cleaner furrows. General purpose moldboard and 10-in. sham. Turns furrow up to 11in. wide and 5-1/2 in. deep in average soil. Must be used with Hitch Adapter Kit (89 FB 1538) sold on opposite page. For more traction and better performance order wheel weights sold below. Shipped promptly from Stock by Freight or Truck. No Money Down.
89 FB 1535 R - Ship. wt. 76 lbs Cash $65.50

25-lb. Wheel Weight.  Use one or more bolted to each rear wheel of tractor for added traction in heavy pulling.  Designed so that one weight nests into another, you can add more weights as needed. 2 carriage bolts included. 
89 FB 1360 MBX - Ship wt. 25 lbs. Each $5.00

Tire Chains. Give added Traction on Ice and Snow. 89 FB 1481MX - Ship wt. 20 lbs.  Pair $16.50

Squire Tractor Cover.   Extra tough vinyl coated fabric with snug fitting elastic bottom gives your tractor all weather protection 
89 FB 1541 - Ship. wt. 7 lb. $10.50

D.  Giant 3-Gang Reel Mower Cuts 58-in. Swath. The Mower for the Man Who Wants to Mow a Large Area With Professional Care. Simplifies lawn care for large estates, institutions golf courses, etc. Each cutting unit is 21 in. wide, giving an exceptionally wide 58-in. cutting width. 5 Austempered alloy steel knives, double riveted to spiders run on Timken Tapered Roller Bearings. Alloy steel bed knife. 3.50x11.25 semi-pneumatic tires. Extra tire width and Flex-Tread grooving make tires exceptionally soft and easy an the turf. Easily adjustable cutting height offers 2-1/8 in. cut. Shipped from Stock by Freight or Truck.
89 FB 1558 R - Ship. wt. 332 lbs. Cash $209.50
E.  Cultivator Attachment.  Designed for maximum clearance and close, accurate cultivation astride small plants or between rows. Depth easily adjusted, even while it is working -- simply use the screw-crank adjustor for deep or shallow use.  Makes dodging small -plants easy. Entire unit Is attached in less than a minute. Heavy 1/2 x 1-1/2-in. steel frame reinforced by welded braces.  Both shovels and gangs are individually adjustable for depth and row width. Knives are staggered to shed trash. Two 10-in. rubber-tired wheels. Must be used with 89 FB 1538M Hitch Adapter Kit sold on opposite page. Shipped from Stock by Freight or Truck.
89 FB 1537 R - Ship. wt. 105 lbs Cash $43.50

[Source:  1962 Montgomery Ward & Company catalog, courtesy of Steve Johnson]




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