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NEW 6-HP Lawn-Trac  Designed for Lawn and Grounds Work

Big 6-HP Briggs & Stratton Engine . . . Revolutionary New EASY SPIN STARTING

Newly Designed Steering Wheel Gives Easy Operation and High Ratio Steering

Patented Full-Flex Action Prevents Scalping, Even When Topping Hills

A.  Here's the Quick Way to Do Your Lawn Chores with Little Effort. This sporty, precision groundskeeper will get your work done in record time-leave more time for relaxation. 6-HP 4-cycle engine has Easy SPIN STARTING. Just pull the rope with about half as much effort as you would a conventional recoil and engine springs to life . . . no Kickbacks. Single pedal safety dead-man clutch. New steering wheel gives choice of 3 height adjustments. Specially designed 2 speed rear axle gives 2 speeds forward up to 5 MPH and 2 reverse speeds. Mows up to 1-3/8 acres per hour with Deluxe 32-in. Rotary Mower.
Excellent Stability
. . . Goes Up, Down or Along 40` Slopes. Extra comfortable foam rubber padded, artificial leather covered seat. Frame is of electrically welded steel. Fully pneumatic non-skid, stud tread tractor tires; 4.80x8-in. rear, 3.50x4-in. front. Shipped by Freight or Truck.
89 FB 1210 R - Ship. wt. 252 lbs. $16 Monthly. Cash $327.00

Electric Starter 6-HP Lawn-Trac. Like above but has push button starter. Shipped from Fact. near Milwaukee, Allow 15 days, plus transit time. Pay charges from Fact.
89 FB 1211 F - Ship. wt. 285 lbs. $20 Monthly. Cash $397.00

Do Your Work in Less Time With Less Effort by Interchanging These Handy Attachments

B.  Deluxe 32-in. Rotary Mower. Heavy steel housing covers 3 suction type steel blades. Baffles designed for smooth cutting, no windrowing. Tapered roller bearings. Single lever adjusts height of cut from 1" to 3

C.  Gang Mower.  3 heavy-duty 21-in. reels with 5 austempered  steel blades cut full 57-in. swath. Height adjustments from to 2 in. Wide rubber tires. Mows up to 2 1/2 acres per hour. Shipped by Freight or Truck. 
89 FB 1603 R  Ship. wt. 165 lbs. $7.50 Mo.... Cash $149.50

D.  30-in. Reel Mower.  Free floating hitch prevents scalping. 6 austempered blades an 7-in. diam. reel. Cutting height adjusts from to 2 in. Shipped promptly from Fact. near Milwaukee, pay charges from there.
89 FE 1437 F - Ship. wt. 115 lbs. $6 Mo.... Cash $114.50

E.  Trailer Cart.  16-ga. steel box holds 7 cu. ft. or 1000-lb load.  Tailgate removes.  Roller bearing wheels with 4.00x8 pneu. tires. Ship. by Freight or Truck.
89 FB 1328 R  - Ship. wt. 120 lbs..$5 Mo .... Cash $72.00

F30-in Grader-Snow Plow Blade.  Pushes straight ahead or to sides.  15 in. high.  Shipped by Frt. or Trk.  
89 FB 1447 R - Ship. wt. 38 lbs.......Cash $19.00

GAerator-Seedbed Pulverizer.  Spike tooth, 10-in. diam. blades cuts many small slots in 28-in. path. 

HSeeder-Spreader.  28x10-1/4x10-3/4-in. hopper holds 80lbs. of seed or fertilizer. Covers 28-in.path. See (T) Page 77 for complete description. Shipped Frt. or Trk.  
89 FB 1561 RX - Ship. wt. 40 lbs..$4 Mo....Cash $24.50


[Source:  1962 Montgomery Ward & Company catalog, courtesy of Steve Johnson]




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