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Attachments for your Wards 19.9-HP tractor

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1 60-In. spring-loaded dozer/snow blade. Equally good for earth or snow. When obstacle is hit blade hinges forward, then corrects itself when obstacle passed. This prevents frame and blade damage. Blade angles 15° or 30° sight or left. Reversible and replaceable wear plate. High carbon steel edge. Blade attaches with 2 pins to frame mounted hitch. Control with front hydraulic lift. Requires kits 33329 and 33330
(sold below) for Inst
X89 FX 33315 F* ShIp. wt. 225 lbs


2. Heavy-duty 52-in. snow thrower with total control from driver’s seat. Extra large discharge chute rotates 260°; electrically controlled. Solid flight welded steel 14-In, diameter anger discharges over 50,000 cu. ft. of snow per hour. Sell-aligning bearings with grease fittings. High auger speed dears deep, hardpacked snow. Hardened skid shoes on thrower protect unit. Requires kits 33329 and 33330 below.
X89 FX 33317 F*  Ship. wt. 340 lbs


Hydraulic cylinder kit for easier handling of snow thrower and dozer blade above. Adapts quickly to tractor.
X89 FX 33329 F* Ship. wt. 20 lbs


  Hitch kit to adapt snow thrower and dozer blade to tractor. Front-mounting kit adapts in minutes.
  X89 FX 33330 F* Ship. wt. 35 lbs


  Heavy-duty tire chains for extra gripping in snow or muddy ground. Set of 2 chains. Ship. wt. 25 lbs.
  X89 FX 33324 F*  For 33300 turf

set 75.00

  Tractor cab protects driver from weather. Vinyl with clear vinyl plastic windows. Steel brace supports cab.
  X89 FX 33320 F*  Ship. wt. 45 lbs.


  Wheel weights for added traction right over rear wheels where it’s needed. Set of win 125 lbs. 2 sets may be used for extra traction. Bolts included.
  X89 FX 33322 F*  Ship. wt. 128 lbs.

pair 87.00

3.  Heavy-duty 12-in. moldboard plow for efficient, complete plowing. Rear-mounted plow has adjustable gauge wheel with scraper to control plow depths In different typos of soil conditions. Replaceable share. 11-In. diameter adjustable coulter and adjustments for landing and width of cut.

X89 FX 33308 F* Ship wt. 112 lbs


4 54-in., 7 shovel cultivator makes quick work of ~T breaking up soil, removing weeds and allowing moisture to get into the soil. Heavy—duty channel construction makes It a rugged unit. Shovels have reversible double-spear points. Two 3x50x4.00 pneumatic tires. Clears crops up to 15-in, tall.
X89 FX 33309 F*  Ship. wt. 185 lbs.


5.  Hardworking, heavy-duty tandem disc harrow.  Mounts to tractor’s 3—point hitch. Turns over sod and prepares deep soil beds. Unit comes equipped with four gangs, each with four 12-inch heat treated steel discs. Gangs can be set at angles of 10°, 15° or 20° or moved horizontally. Heavy-duty steel frame
built to hold extra weight for deeper cut.
89 FX 33159 R  Ship. wt. 195 lbs.


6.  57-in. sickle bar cuts through growth that can't be handled by mower decks. Bar automatically angles up to 45° or down to 30° below horizontal Spring-loaded, breakaway action protects
when obstacle is hit. Blade hinges backward with a special coupling when contact with obstacle occurs.  Just back up tractor to reset bar. 2-In. between carbon steel shear knives cuts even the finest grass. Sickle bar lifts to vertical for transporting.

X89 FX 33311 F*  Ship. wt. 205 lbs.  

7.  48-in. tiller attachment breaks up sod and soil.  Working depth up to 8 In. is controlled by chain and skid shoes. 7 tine clusters with 4 replaceable tines per cluster. Tine diameter of 16 in.  Long life, self-sharpening tines easy to adjust or replace. Two-stage roller chain drive with hardened sprockets, roller contact bearings with grease fitting operates off rear PTO and mounts to tractor’s 3 pt hitch.
X89 FX 33307 F* Ship. wt. 305 lbs.  
* SHIPPING NOTE: *ttems shipped from factory near Milwaukee, Wlsc. You pay shipping changes from there  Allow 21 days plus transit time. Sorry, no C.O.D. accepted.

[Source: 1974 Montgomery Ward Farm Catalog, page 15, courtesy of Steve Johnson]



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