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A tractor you can use at home, on
small farms or for industrial jobs

Tractor with turf tires   front and rear


Tractor with hi-flotation tires front and rear


  • 2 independent power takeoff points - front and rear
  • Hydraulic power lift system handles attachments with ease
  • Heavy-duty contoured frame welded into one unit with engine an integral part of the frame.  It means more durability and stability from low center of gravity
1.  A tractor designed to match power and attachments with job being performed.  3-speed hydrostatic drive gives right torque for each job and controls are right at your fingertips.  Two power takeoff points -- front and rear. Front (with 3600 RPM) handles mid- and front-mounted attachments,  rear (with 2000 RPM) handles rear-mounted attachments.  Each has an independent heavy-duty clutch control. Built-in hydraulic lift systems easily raises or lowers attachments.  Limited-slip differential provides extra traction on ice or snow, yet won't dig up your lawn on turns.  Rear wheels equipped with heavy-duty disc brakes.  Brake at each wheel is independently controllable for extra help in turning, to control slipping.  Electrical systems complete with 12-volt battery, alternator, twin headlights,.  Oil pump system is similar to a car's system.  Is complete with high pressure lubrication and filter to protect the engine.  Choice of 4 tire configurations with basic tractor.

Tractor above with 29x12.0-15 rear, 20x8.0-10 front turf tires. This tire combination provides good traction -- and can be used with all attachments.

X89 FX 33300 F* -- Ship wt 1426 lbs


Tractor above with 31x15.50-15 rear High Flotation, 20x8.0-10 turf front.  This tire combination provides the best traction  -- can be used with all attachments (except plow).

X89 FX 33303 F*  -- Ship wt 1410 lbs


Tractor above with 31x15.50-15 High Flotation rear, 6.90-6x18 High-Capacity front tires.  For use with front end loader for extra traction.
X89 FX 33301 F* Ship wt 1480 lbs


Tractor above with 32x8.0 rear, 24x4.0 front agricultural tires.  For use with plow (if primary attachment).

X89 FX 33301 F*  Ship wt 1390 lbs


Wards attachments to build your Twin Twenty into a total power system

    Side discharge mower   $560
2. 60-in. side-discharge rotary mower deck -- cuts 5 ft. of lawn a pass so you can cover up to 4 acres of grounds an hour! The full-floating deck action follows the contours of the lawns to eliminate scalping and scuffing.  Cutting hts. adjustable from 1-5/9" to 3 in. with twin self-locking screw adjusters.  Spindle bearings are equipped with above-deck grease fittings.

X89 FX 33305 F* Ship wt 280 lbs


Hitch kit for adapting above mower to tractor.
X89 FX 33306 F*  Ship wt 15 lbs


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      Front-end loader  $1280
Loader is the ideal attachment for big loading jobs for industrial plants, nurseries, barns or commercial jobs.  Completely self-contained hydraulic system with 1000 PSI operating pressure.  42-1/2" bucket has a load capacity of 9 cu. ft.  Loader has a break-away capacity of 750 lbs., and a 500 lb. lift capacity at the max. lift height of 113 in.  Heavy-duty steel frame for good visibility. Bucket digs to 4 in. deep.  Controls easy to reach.
X89 FX 33313 F* Ship wt 600 lbs


   13-in Back hoe  $1800
Back hoe turns your Wards 19.9 HP tractor into a strong digging machine -- excellent for landscapers, builders, farmers, plumbers and general contractors. Highly maneuverable back hoe has a 9-ft. digging radius, 6-ft. digging depth and 8-ft. lift  with bucket closed. Full 135 swing. Has a 2000 PSI operating pressure. Stacked valve control system offers more efficient operation. Twin stabilizers for back hoe support.  Includes 13-jn. bucket.
X89 FX 33319 F* Ship wt 600 lbs


     60-in. grader blade $209
60-in. rear-mounted grader blade.  Blade reverses for use in back filling.  Angles 15 and 30 right or left or use at no angle. Heavy-duty reversible and replaceable wear plate.  Excellent for all leveling or moving of snow, loose gravel and soil and related landscaping jobs. 
X89 FX 33316 F* Ship wt 120 lbs


    Sweepster Brush  $495
6.Sweeper brush  is the fast, efficient way to sweep clean larger areas such as parking lots, drive areas adn larger commercial lots. It sweeps a full 54-in. path with brush set at a fixed angle of 30 right. Polypropylene bristle brush is 5 ft. long, with brush diameter of 26 in. Brush is suspended on 2 springs to follow contour of surface. Quick attach yoke allows removal of brush frame assembly.
X89 FX 33318 F* Ship wt 280 lbs


* SHIPPING NOTE: *ttems shipped from factory near Milwaukee, Wlsc. You pay shipping changes from there  Allow 21 days plus transit time. Sorry, no C.O.D. accepted.

[Source: 1974 Montgomery Ward Farm Catalog, page 14, courtesy of Steve Johnson]



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