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Twin Twenty

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Designed from the ground up to do the jobs other tractors used to be adapted to do. Itís engineered to match tractor power and attachments to the job at hand. Grounds maintenance, materials handling, airport operation, farm chores, organic gardening, golf course grounds keeping, you name it.

As safe to operate as it is easy.

Heavy duty disc brakes at rear wheels give you all the stopping power you need. And you can operate them individually for extra help in turning, to control slipping. Operate simultaneously for safe, sure starts. 

Standard electric starting kicks over with the turn of a key. And our built-in alternator keeps your battery charged, so the starting stays fast and easy, even in frigid weather.

You simply remove the key to prevent unauthorized starting. Safety-interlock allows start-up only in neutral with power takeoffs disengaged.  All controls are right at the driverís  station. Conveniently located and logically grouped within easy reach.

Big padded seat adjusts to suit any operator. Non-skid footrests and pedals give added safety getting on and off, during operation, for quick stopping, too.

And extremely low center of gravity gives you extra stability for working the slopes. All belts, drives and other moving parts are covered. Muffler and exhaust pipes are up front, under the hood. And the fan blows heat away from operator.

Hydrostatic drive with a three speed gear box lets you select the best possible combination of speed and power.  Gives you an infinite selection of speeds up to 10.4 mph forward and 6.2 mph in reverse. You control with a single lever. And you donít have to clutch, even to go from forward to reverse.

Three-speed gear box lets you match power to the job. Limited-slip differential holds traction on the side-hills, on the ice. Yet it wonít dig into your lawn while itís taking the turns.

Full engine power Is always ready to work attachments. Two power takeoff points ó front  and rear ó are driven directly from the engine. Each controlled independently by individual electric clutches. Clutch toggle switches are right at the instrument panel. Give you fingertip control over a variety of different attachments.

Hard charging 19.5 hp Onan engine turns out performance year after year. Built to deliver years of hard work. Two cylinder balance reduces vibrations, keeps the noise level down. And four-cycle design means no bothersome mixing of oil and gas. Air cooling eliminates radiator problems. Full pressure lubrication with oil filter, stellite valves with rotators, cast iron cylinders and moderate compression ratio and piston speed all give you long, dependable performance, help keep maintenance costs down.

High ground clearance and five different tire options let you work in everything from soft soil to deep snow. Tractor undercarriage is a full 15Ē off the ground (13" even with drawbar in place) to clear row crops. Works without bogging down in snow or
soft soil.

Tire options let you adjust to work and weight requirements, ground conditions, too. Choose from agricultural, turf type or high-flotation tires. High-capacity front tires are used with front-end loader Agricultural tires with offset wheels can be reversed to suit row width.

[Source: Montgomery Ward sales brochure, date unknown, courtesy of Scott Bradley]



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